What Is The Best Pickleball Paddle Core For You? (Comprehensive Guide)

What Is The Best Pickleball Paddle Core For You? (Comprehensive Guide)

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The paddle is a pickleball player’s number one partner. There would be no pickleball if there were no pickleball paddle – and let’s be honest, that would be no fun.

Since a pickleball paddle is an essential piece of equipment, you’ll need to play the game. You’ll want to make sure it’s the best.

The paddle is smaller than a tennis racket but larger than a ping pong paddle, according to USAPA. Pickleball paddles were initially made of wood, but paddles have become more efficient and robust thanks to advances in technology.

There are several considerations to consider when selecting the ideal paddle. Continue reading to learn how different Pickleball paddle cores can help you choose the best paddle for your needs.

Is It Important Which Paddle Core You Use?

Yes, it is.

Let me explain in more depth.

If you’re looking for a fast response, I’ll give you a general overview. Paddles with polymer cores are usually the best to use. They provide you with an excellent balance of power and control. Since they are the most commonly used type of paddle, there are plenty to choose from, and they are widely available.

Choosing the correct type of core for your game is extremely important. The three different types of materials that I will discuss below each have unique properties. Knowing what these are will dramatically alter your paddle selection, particularly if you’re in the market for one.

The Anatomy Of A Composite Paddle Core

Composite Pickleball Paddles

You’ve also heard the word “composite” thrown around from time to time. But what exactly does it mean?

A composite is described as “anything made up of several parts or components.”

Pickleball paddles made of composite materials are just that. They are paddles made up of many different parts. These are the core, face, edge guard, and handle. All of these elements come together to form what is known as a composite pickleball paddle.

Obviously, you can’t see the core because the edge guard and face obscure it. However, the core is the bulk of the paddle’s form and is usually as tall as the edge guard.

When purchasing a composite pickleball paddle, you will have three core material options. There are three of them: Nomex, aluminium, and polymer. This is what I’m going to explain to you today.

Nomex Honeycomb Core

Nomex Honeycomb Core Paddles

Nomex honeycomb cores are pretty common. This technology is constantly evolving and has emerged as one of the best choices in recent years. Pickleball rackets made with these cores are highly durable. 

Making these paddles necessitates the use of a material that resembles cardboard. This material is dipped in a special resin and then arranged in a honeycomb pattern to add durability.

This was the first material used to create composite paddles. Many pickleball players prefer the feel of a paddle with a Nomex core. This would also be the loudest and most challenging paddle on the market. – when you make contact with the ball, you can hear a loud popping sound.

These cores are very common among those who want to have both power and precision. With a Nomex core paddle, you can enjoy a fast-paced game of pickleball while remaining in control. 

These are widely accessible and can provide many benefits. If you want your paddle to be silent, you can choose one of the other choices.

Aluminium Cores

Aluminium core pickleball rackets are among the most common. The fact that they are so small in weight is one of the reasons why people adore them. If you want to keep the weight as light as possible while maintaining maximum power, look for a paddle with an aluminium core. 

This is the choice for you if you consider yourself to be a player who needs to handle the ball well for your style to function.

Of course, the disadvantage is that paddles with aluminium cores can lack strength. They will be straightforward to manipulate and suitable for a wide range of play styles. You should not expect to have the same amount of driving power as someone who uses a heavier core type. 

Keep these in mind because you can find an aluminium core paddle for a reasonable price if you know where to look.

The Poly Core

Poly Core Pickleball Paddles

These polymer cores are distinct from the previously described core groups. These are made of a unique plastic blend and are quickly gaining popularity. Polymer cores are the most recent of the three core models. This technology is still emerging, but polymer core paddles will undoubtedly be the most silent paddles available.

If you’re irritated by hearing a loud sound any time you contact the ball, having one of these is a good idea. When using these paddles, you can create the least amount of noise, making them ideal for people who live in gated communities. The fact that these paddles are softer is one of the reasons they are so much quieter. When compared to the Nomex cores mentioned above, poly cores are noticeably softer.

There are a few drawbacks to this. The main issue is that poly cores would lack power as opposed to Nomex cores. Because of the soft nature of the paddle, you will end up dampening your shot slightly.


There are some excellent polymer and aluminium core paddles on the market with more power than average. Still, they will not be as powerful as the Nomex options. Therefore, nomex core paddles are a good choice for players who prefer to have great control over their shots rather than rely on power.

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