How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle: 9 Factors To Consider

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle

Choosing a pickleball paddle can seem like an overwhelming task. There are many factors to consider and it can be difficult to know where to start. You want your new paddle to last for years, so you need one that will stand up against the test of time.

In this article, we’ll cover 9 factors you should think about when choosing a pickleball paddle so you get the perfect piece of equipment for you!

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle?

Before making any decisions about which pickleball paddles are right for you, make sure you set some goals first (playing goals, grip goals, weight goals, size goals). Then look into getting a paddle that satisfies those objectives (paddle price goals & brand recommendations)!

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Addle Goals

Your playing style will influence what type of paddle works best with you. If you prefer lots of touch shots, then a soft paddle with plenty of larger grip sizes may be the best option for you. 

However, if power is more important to you than finesse, go for something heavy and stiff that will give your swing some extra oomph!

Grip Goals

The handle on a pickleball paddle can make or break it for you, so choose one that fits the way you play! If comfort is important to you and you want something ergonomic with soft paddle grip material, then go for it. 

However, if power is what drives you, go for a stiffer paddle handle to help your wrist action through the shot!

Weight Goals

Switching to a pickleball racket can be difficult if you’re used to playing with something heavy, but it will make things easier in the long run. If you want more power and strength from your arm during each swing, then select a heavier paddle that won’t wear out as quickly. 

However, if control is what matters most for you or if this game isn’t yet second nature, go lighter instead! This will allow you greater flexibility in your wrists and forearms while still having plenty of power when needed.

Size Goals

If picking up where someone left off after they quit playing pickleball is important to how much fun you’ll have, then pick a paddle that isn’t too different from the one they were using. 

However, if you’re looking to transition into something new and exciting with more power behind each shot, play around with various sizes until you find one that works for your height and playing style! 

The larger ones will provide greater coverage of all areas on the court while smaller paddles are perfect for those who prefer speed over strength!

Your Wrist Flexibility Goals

If there’s anything most pickleball players search for in their next racket is wrist flexibility. Your wrists are important when it comes time to making quick reaction shots or defending against tough smashes across the net! 

If this is an area where you struggle currently (i.e., having weak wrists), then select a paddle that is pre-strung (the racket comes with strings attached). 

This way, you can gradually build up your flexibility until it’s strong enough for any pickleball game! If wrist strength isn’t something you need to work on or if this doesn’t seem like an issue at all, go stringless instead so the power of each swing will be entirely in your hands!

Surface Goals

If you’re looking to get more comfortable on the court, go with a surface that won’t be too quick for your feet. 

However, if speed is what matters most and beating out your opponents before they even realize it is key in this game, then choosing a paddle that will help you glide across the pickleball court! 

This way no matter how many players are waiting for their turn during practice or games, you’ll always have enough energy left at the end of each game to push yourself toward greatness on any playing field!

Durability Goals

A great pickleball paddle is one that you can rely on even when the game gets tough. There are many different types of materials used to make these rackets, but it’s important to choose something strong enough for your style and ability level so it doesn’t break down after just a few uses! 

If durability is key in this decision-making process, then look for ones made with fiberglass or graphite technology built into their core design. 

This way no matter how hot things get out there on the court (and they always do), you’ll still have control over every shot during each match-up!

Paddle Price Goals

Pickleball paddles can be expensive, but there are ways to get them cheap. If you’re on a budget and want something that will last for years, then go with an all-wood paddle made of strong materials like aluminum or graphite. 

It may cost more than the typical pickleball racket off the rack at the big box retailer, but it’ll handle abuse over time while still giving you enough power! 

However, if the price is less of an issue for you and your goal is to make every shot count without losing strength in your arm throughout gameplay, choose one with high-quality technology built into its core design. 

This way, even when things start getting competitive out on the court (and they always do), you’ll be able to power through every shot without feeling the burn in your muscles!

Brand Recommendations

When choosing a pickleball paddle, there are plenty of brands out there for you to choose from. If affordable price is key and it doesn’t matter much if something breaks after a few months or years, go with one that’s off-brand but still decently rated online by tennis players just like you.

 However, if quality matters most and durability is what drives you even when prices get higher than expected, then going with a top-name brand may be worth it! 

This way not only will they have a great warranty on their products & services should anything happen during normal play (i.e., cracks), but also because other players will look up to you when it’s time for a pickleball match!

Pro Tip:

Don’t buy anything too cheap because if it breaks within months or years of use, then that means more money down the drain. 

However, don’t go too expensive either because you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t help your game in return! 

Look for one in the middle of this price range so it’ll be affordable enough when it’s time to replace or upgrade after playing with it for a few seasons (or more).

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Final Words

The focus of this article was to help you make the best choice possible when it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle. 

There are plenty of options out there for you, but it’s important that you choose something that fits your goals in terms of affordability, durability, and surface preference! 

If you’re still on the fence about what your ultimate choice should be, then look for one that fits your style, size, edge guard and needs as a player.

This way there won’t be any surprises down the road (i.e., cracks or breakage) and you’ll always play like a pro!

And remember: The only person that can stop you from playing pickleball is yourself!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your next online purchase. I hope this article helps you have a great experience when it comes to finding the best paddle out there for your needs!

Now go play some great pickleball & have fun 🙂

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