How Heavy Should My Pickleball Paddle Be [Beginners Guide]

How Heavy Should My Pickleball Paddle Be [Beginners Guide]

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What is the best weight for a pickleball paddle? How heavy should my pickleball paddle be? How much does it weigh, and what size is appropriate for me? These are all questions that you may have when looking to buy this important piece of equipment.

Many different factors go into choosing the right weight pickleball paddle for you, so let’s take a look at some of them in detail.

How heavy should my pickleball paddle be? It should be heavy enough not to fly off your hand but lightweight enough that you can still get good control over them on contact with the ball; it is also wise for beginners and intermediate players alike to try before buying.

How Heavy Should My Pickleball Paddle Be – in detail

Pickleball paddles come in a wide variety of weights, and depending on what you are looking for, you may be able to find one that fits your needs. The first thing to consider is whether or not the paddle will be used primarily by adults or children, as their weight requirements vary greatly.

For instance, most adult players use between 12 ounces and 18 ounces, while some prefer lighter 6 ounces models. Keep this in mind when shopping around because if it’s too heavy, it might hinder performance or cause injury like a tennis elbow![1]

The second factor to pay attention to is personal preference; heavier pickleball paddles have more power behind them than light ones, but they also require more work on the player’s part. How strong you are and how often you play will determine what weight is best for your needs, so it may take some experimenting to find out which one matches up with your expectations best!

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Paddle weights typically range from 6 ounces to 18 ounces in increments of 2-ounce increments; heavier ones have a greater power behind them but require more energy expenditure by the player, while lighter paddles are less powerful but easier to use because they do not require as much effort.

When looking at different models, be sure that whichever paddle you choose is appropriate for its intended use based on their age or strength level.

Although people can achieve good results using any pickleball paddle, those who play regularly might want to invest in a more expensive product to save time and effort since they will often be playing.

The best pickleball paddles are usually made of fiberglass or graphite materials as opposed to aluminum or steel because these types will never bend out of shape like cheaper ones can, which is especially important for children who may not know how to handle their equipment properly.

When buying a paddle, it is important that the grip on the sides feels comfortable; some people prefer grips with ridges while others dislike them, so just make sure you figure out what type you want before purchasing!

The generally accepted range is between .25 pounds and .375 pounds, with many people preferring paddles in the middle range (or around 0.35-0.425) because they are heavy enough not to fly off your hand but lightweight enough that you can still get good control over them on contact with the ball.

Suppose someone wants a heavier or lighter pickleball paddle. In that case, it should depend largely on their individual preference as there isn’t one right answer!

Fun Fact: some people believe graphite paddles have an edge since they don’t allow moisture from sweat to build up like other materials do, which may lead to decreased performance and even a broken paddle if they aren’t regularly dried out or replaced, so make sure to get something that will suit your personal needs!

Difference Between Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight Paddles

Too light or too heavy of a pickleball paddle can make it difficult to get the right amount of power. So how do you know what’s best for your playstyle? We’re here to help! Here are some guidelines on what weight might be appropriate for different types of players.

Difference Between Light, Medium, And Heavy Weight Paddles

Lightweight Paddles

Lightweight paddles offer less resistance, making them ideal for beginners and those with slower swings. But if you want an advantage in speed, heavier paddles could suit you better as they provide more momentum from each swing.

Medium-weight Paddles

Medium weight is best suited for intermediate-level players because it offers enough resistance without being too much so that your game won’t slow down due to heavier paddles providing more forward motion while keeping control over shots at the net.

Heavy-weight Paddles

Heavy-weight paddles are best for advanced players who want a little more power behind their swings since they provide the most momentum and resistance in return. They’re also perfect if you like to keep your opponents back at the net because heavy paddles allow you to quickly move from side to side with ease!

Our Recommendation:

We recommend that beginners start out with lightweight or medium-weight pickleball paddles, depending on how fast they swing. These lighter weights make it easier to get good shots off every time.

The heavier ones can be up too much of an advantage, so we suggest not going overboard until you know what works best for your playstyle! For example, heavily weighted paddles are perfect if you like to keep opponents back at the net because heavy paddles allow you to quickly move from side to side with ease!

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