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If you’re a fan of pickleball, you’ve probably heard of Matt Wright. As a professional player, he has made a name for himself in the sport. But how old is Matt Wright, and what makes him such a successful player? In this article, we will explore his age, career, and net worth, as well as some interesting facts about his life.

Who Is Matt Wright?

Before we dive into the details of Matt Wright’s age, let’s first learn a bit more about who he is. Matt Wright is a professional pickleball player who has been making waves in the sport since 2016. Prior to his pickleball career, Wright was a tennis star at the University of Michigan. He was the #1 player on the tennis team during his time there, and he has since used his skills and experience to excel in the world of pickleball.

Matt Wright’s Age

So, how old is Matt Wright? According to [], Wright was born on May 25th, 1977, which makes him 44 years old as of 2022. While some might consider this to be on the older side for professional athletes, it’s worth noting that the average age of pickleball players is 43.5 years old, according to the same source. This means that Wright is actually right in the prime age range for the sport.

Matt Wright’s Career

Matt Wright’s career in pickleball has been nothing short of impressive. He is currently ranked as the #2 pro player in both Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles, according to []. He frequently plays with Lucy Kovalova as his partner in Mixed Doubles, and has played with a variety of partners in Men’s Doubles.

Wright’s success in the sport can be attributed to his skill, athleticism, and experience as a former tennis player. According to [], Wright has a doubles rating of 6.88, which is considered to be very high. He is known for his quick reflexes and powerful shots, and he has been able to use these skills to dominate on the court.

Matt Wright’s Net Worth

When it comes to Matt Wright’s net worth, there are a few different sources out there with varying estimates. According to [], some sources claim that Wright’s net worth for 2022 is $5.4 million. However, it’s important to note that this figure likely includes income from his full-time job as an attorney, as well as other sources of income such as sponsorships and product sales.

It’s worth noting that careers in pickleball can lead to highly variable income levels for pro players. While some players may earn significant amounts of money from tournament winnings and sponsorships, others may struggle to make ends meet. However, it’s clear that Matt Wright has been able to achieve a significant level of success both on and off the court.

Interesting Facts About Matt Wright

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Matt Wright’s age, career, and net worth, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about his life:

1. He Was Introduced to Pickleball by Chance

According to [], Wright was introduced to pickleball by a member of a local country club. He was playing a makeshift mini-tennis game when someone suggested he try playing pickleball instead. Wright gave it a shot and quickly became hooked on the sport.

2. He Became a Pro Player Within a Year

Despite being relatively new to the sport of pickleball, Matt Wright quickly rose to the top of the ranks. He became a pro player within just one year of starting to play, and has since become one of the most successful players in the game.

3. He Has a Strong Work Ethic

In addition to his skills on the court, Matt Wright is also known for his strong work ethic. According to [], he trains for several hours each day, focusing on his fitness, agility, and strategy. He also spends time studying his opponents and analyzing their playing styles, in order to gain an edge on the court.

4. He’s Involved in the Pickleball Community

Matt Wright isn’t just a successful player; he’s also heavily involved in the pickleball community. He frequently participates in charity events and clinics, and has even started his own pickleball academy. According to [], Wright is passionate about helping others improve their skills and enjoy the sport as much as he does.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Matt Wright and their short answers:

What was Matt Wright’s former career before he became a pickleball player?

Matt Wright was a tennis player at the University of Michigan and also an attorney.

What is Matt Wright’s doubles rating in pickleball?

According to [], Matt Wright has a doubles rating of 6.88.

Who does Matt Wright typically play with in Mixed Doubles?

Matt Wright frequently plays with Lucy Kovalova as his partner in Mixed Doubles.

What is the average age of pickleball players?

According to [], the average age of pickleball players is 43.5 years old.

What is Matt Wright’s estimated net worth?

According to [], some sources estimate that Matt Wright’s net worth for 2022 is $5.4 million.

In conclusion, Matt Wright is a highly successful professional pickleball player with a doubles rating of 6.88. Despite being 44 years old, he is actually right in the prime age range for the sport, as the average age of pickleball players is 43.5. He has had a successful career both on and off the court, and is known for his strong work ethic and involvement in the pickleball community.

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