Is Pickleball Louder Than Tennis?

Is Pickleball Louder than Tennis?

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Are you curious to know which sport produces more sound – pickleball or tennis? Both sports have their unique sound effects, but which one is louder? In this article, we will explore the science behind the sound produced in both sports and answer the question, “Is pickleball louder than tennis?”.

The Science of Sound in Pickleball and Tennis

To understand the science of sound in both sports, it is essential to know the equipment used in each game. The paddle and ball used in pickleball are different from those used in tennis, which affects the sound produced in each sport.

Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball paddles are made of hard materials such as wood, graphite, or composite materials, and the ball is made of hard plastic with holes. The pickleball ball is larger than a tennis ball, and its unique design creates a different sound when it hits the paddle [OnCourtOffCourt].

Tennis Equipment

Tennis racquets are made of graphite, aluminum, or other materials, and the tennis ball is made of rubber with a felt covering. Tennis balls are smaller and denser than pickleball balls, which makes them less noisy when struck by the racquet [PickleballAdventure].

Which Sport is Louder?

According to a sound level meter test conducted by WUSA9, the sound produced by a pickleball strike is slightly louder than that of a tennis strike [WUSA9]. However, the pitch of the sound produced by pickleball is higher and draws more attention than tennis.

Another factor to consider is that the pickleball court is smaller than a tennis court, and up to 16 pickleball players can compete in the same space as four tennis players. The points in pickleball average 9 hits, while tennis points average only three. Additionally, in pickleball matches, the ball is in play nearly 30 minutes per hour, compared to tennis, which is approximately 18 minutes per hour [OnCourtOffCourt].

How to Make Pickleball Louder?

If you prefer a louder sound when playing pickleball, there are a few things you can do. First, try using a harder paddle material such as graphite instead of wood. Graphite paddles produce a louder sound than wooden paddles. Another option is to use a denser ball, which will produce more sound when struck by the paddle [PickleballFAQs].


In conclusion, the sound produced by a pickleball strike is slightly louder than that of a tennis strike according to a sound level meter test. However, the pitch of the sound produced in pickleball is higher and draws more attention. The size of the court, number of players, and the duration of the ball in play also affect the overall sound produced in both sports.

So, whether you’re playing pickleball or tennis, enjoy the unique sounds of each game and have fun!

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