5 Best Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddles 2022

Pickleball is a fast-paced, fun game that has been gaining in popularity recently. It can be played on any surface and with many different types of equipment so there’s no need to worry about finding the perfect court or gear. Many new players are discovering it for the first time and may not know what type of paddles they should buy for their first set. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best aluminum core pickleball paddles on the market today!

Why you should buy aluminum core paddles:

Aluminum is a very light metal and has been used in sporting goods for many years. Its durability, strength, and lightweight nature make it perfect for use as a pickleball paddle. Aluminum core paddles are generally very light and easy to handle so they won’t tire you out no matter how long your match goes for. They also have a nice grip on the handles, which will help you control them better while playing.

Why you should avoid cheap pickleball paddles:

There are many different types of paddle constructions but the main thing to look for is a quality core. Cheap, low-quality paddles may be made with either plastic or fiberglass cores and these will not last as long as an aluminum core model. Fiberglass can chip and crack easily and plastic is not as durable or lightweight. You should always go with an aluminum core paddle for the best performance, durability, and comfort.

Review of the Best Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddles:

Here is a review of some of the best aluminum core pickleball paddles on the market today:

XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddles | #1 Aluminum Paddle Set

The XS XSPAK paddle is lightweight and easy to handle. It’s made of carbon fiber which gives you a very nice touch when hitting the ball. The honeycomb polymer core provides good speed without weighing too much on your arms or wrist. It has an optimum arc design that allows for maximum control when playing pickleball.

It’s very durable and with proper care, you can play with it for years to come without having to replace it. However, if you don’t like the color of the paddles (we find that green is not exactly appealing), it comes in blue as well. We also noticed some inconsistency when we tested this paddle regarding its size. Some of them are slightly larger on the face compared to others.

For some players, it might be a good thing because it gives you more space to play with. However, if you’re someone who struggles with accuracy, you might find this paddle too big for your liking.

If you love the design of these paddles, it’s definitely worth checking them out since they’re available at a very affordable price. They also come with two balls so if you need more than one, no problem there. You can buy them with confidence knowing that our full money-back guarantee is on your side.

  • Lightweight carbon/polymer construction.
  • High speed without too much effort.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.
  • Not a very appealing green color.
  • Some inconsistency with its size.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you’re someone who’s looking for a high-speed paddle that allows you to play accurate shots, the XS XSPAK is definitely worth checking out. It’s lightweight and very durable. The carbon-polymer construction makes it very easy to handle and at the same time, provides good speed without too much effort on your part. It has an optimum arc design that enables you to make accurate shots with accuracy and precision even when you’re under pressure.

X-Finity Pickleball Paddle | Best From Franklin Sports

The X-Finity Pickleball Racket is excellent for players of all skill levels. Made with lightweight, durable Aluminum Alloy plus textured gripping, the racket is easy to handle and maneuver allowing you to play at your best. This pickleball paddle features an X fin technology which allows it to be up to 30% lighter than most standard paddles yet strong enough for competitive play.

The X Fin technology is a patented design that allows for great ball control and accuracy. The racket is red with yellow speckles which makes it easy to spot especially when playing indoors where the lighting conditions are not as good as they are outside.

At 8.4 ounces, this paddle has a weight that’s just right for most players. You can easily swing the racket without tiring your muscles too much.

It’s great for rally training, drills, and playing all levels of pickleball. It also comes with a 1-year warranty so if you’re not happy with it for whatever reason, you can return it and we’ll refund your money.

This is definitely an investment worth making. It’s high quality, long-lasting, and one of the best aluminum pickleball paddles that you’ll find on the market today.

  • Lightweight but durable construction.
  • Textured grip makes it easy to handle.
  • X fin technology for better ball control.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Quite pricey compared to most other paddles.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you’re looking for an all-around paddle that doesn’t cost too much but still provides both control and power, this is definitely one of the best pickleball paddles that you can find on the market today. It’s lightweight but very durable. It also features an X fin technology that allows you to have better control of the ball.

Having a red paddle is great because you can easily spot it in most indoor conditions. Another thing that we really like about this racket is its grip which is made of textured material for better handling and increased comfort when playing even for long periods.

Franklin Challenger Paddles

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle and Pickleball Starter Set include everything you need to get started playing the game of pickleball. This official USA pickleball set meets all standards of play for tournament use.

These lightweight, aluminum alloy paddles are 8 inches wide and come pre-strung with gut string at an ideal tension for control and power. They’re suitable for all skill levels including beginners, casual players, seniors, and pros.

The set includes 2 balls which are made of Franklin’s proprietary X-40 material that is designed to withstand outdoor conditions without much sun damage or deterioration due to the elements. The ball has a resilient core that won’t flatten out over time. It’s also USAPA-approved for tournament play.

The paddles are 8 ounces each which make them light enough to swing quickly but not so light that you won’t have enough power when hitting the ball. They have a textured surface on the handle which improves your grip and prevents sweaty hands from slipping.

The set also comes with a wrist cord for securing the racket when not in use.

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle and Pickleball Starter Set is an excellent choice if you’re just getting started playing this game or if you want to get your friends and family involved. It’s affordable without compromising quality, packaged nicely, and offers everything that you need to start playing on day one.

  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight but still durable construction.
  • Good warranty.
  • Wrist cord for securing the racket when not in use.
  • Slightly inferior quality compared to other paddles of similar price.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

This is a great pickleball paddle for beginners and casual players who are just getting started with the game. It’s affordable yet offers good quality and comes with everything that you need to start playing right away. You can use it for casual games and even for some official tournaments as long as you don’t mind slightly inferior paddles.

Amazin' Aces 'Bainbridge' | Edgeless Aluminum Honeycomb Core

The ‘Bainbridge’ is the Amazin’ Aces #1 Selling Paddles. It was designed to be an all-around paddle for many different types of players (Pro’s, Intermediates and Beginners) on any court conditions.

It has a strong aluminum honeycomb core, fiberglass face with graphite edge strips and a fiberglass and graphite rimless face design.

The paddle is 8 inch wide and weighs 8.5 ounces according to our postal scale. It’s got a good feel with the right amount of weight and swing speed for most players (unless you like light or heavy paddles, then we recommend going up or down in weights).

The Amazin’ Aces ‘Bainbridge’ Pickleball Paddle is a great value for the money. It’s well-made, designed specifically to meet the needs of many different types of players, and offers good quality at an affordable price. There aren’t many paddles out there that offer the same features at the same price.

  • Great value for the money.
  • Good design for all types of players.
  • Well-made with quality materials.
  • Maybe too heavy for some players.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

This is the #1 selling pickleball paddle on Amazon for a reason. It’s got good quality, offers value for money, and has many features that most other paddles don’t have. It’s a versatile paddle that was designed to meet the needs of multiple types of pickleball players and it comes with a good warranty.

Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle

The Third Shot Drop features a polymer core for added durability and stability. The high-performance carbon fiber weave surface offers players accurate control of their shots. The pickleball paddle is 8″ wide (measured at the widest point).

It weighs 7.8 oz (220g) per our shipping scales, which is about the average weight for a pickleball paddle. There are some heavier paddles out there that offer the same features at $60 or less, but most players won’t mind this weight because it’s still in the “lightweight” range.

The Third Shot Drop Pickleball Paddle is a good option for players who want to find great value for their money. It’s well-made and offers good control with a polymer core. It would be a great choice for players who need to find budget pickleball paddles but still demand performance and durability.

  • Well-made with quality materials.
  • boosting your game performance
  • Not a good option for players on a budget.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

The Third Shot Drop is perfect for players who want to play at a higher level and demand quality materials and performance from their pickleball paddles. The Third Shot Drop comes with a quality warranty, which gives you added peace of mind when buying the paddle.

What to look for in Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddles:

There are many different factors you’ll need to consider when deciding on the perfect pickleball paddles for your game. Here are some of them:


Aluminum cores are best for their weight, durability, and strength.


The grip of your paddle is important for comfort and control. Look for a textured rubber or resin surface on the handle so you can have a good grasp while playing. Some paddles will also come with an overgrip, which you can wrap around the handle if it doesn’t fit perfectly right out of the box.


Pickleball is a fast-paced game so lightweight paddles are perfect for you. They’ll be easier to handle and won’t tire your arm out as quickly. For beginners, it’s always best to start with something lighter before moving on to heavier models later on if needed.


As far as price, aluminum core pickleball paddles are generally fairly affordable. You can find a good mid-range model for around $40-$50 or you can spend more if you want something with extra perks like an overgrip.


The length of the paddle is important as well since it will help determine your reach and play style. A larger paddle will give you more reach but will also make it harder to play fast since the swing path is longer.


Pickleball paddles should be well-balanced so they are easy to control and handle while playing. Look for a model that has equal weight distribution across the head of the paddle, which will give you better control and playability.


Does an Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddle have a Rubber Grip on Handle?

Yes, they do come with a rubber grip on the handle. However, some customers prefer to get rid of the rubber grip because it makes playing with sweaty hands more difficult.

What is the difference between Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddle and Hardwood?

Both materials are solid with a tough surface. They don’t tend to bend or break easily, but they do have a different feel when hitting balls with them. Hardwood paddles provide that “thwack” sound every time you hit the ball, while Aluminum Core paddles provide a more muted sound.

It is also important to note that the aluminum core paddle will give you less vibration than hardwood paddles, so if your aim isn’t as good and you tend to hit everything with full force – we would recommend getting hardwood over aluminum for this reason alone.

How much does an Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddle weigh?

Most Aluminum Core paddles are between 14 to 16 ounces in weight. Customers who have purchased the lighter paddle weights say that it provides better control of where you want your ball to go, while customers who have purchased heavier paddles say they provide more power when hitting the ball and allow them longer rallies.

What is the difference between an Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddle and a Graphite one?

Both paddles are made of solid materials, but graphite material tends to be denser than the aluminum core. Therefore it will feel heavier in your hands (especially for beginners). It also has a tendency to provide more “thwack” sounds when hitting the ball.

However, graphite paddles don’t have a grip on the handle and can get slippery when you have sweaty palms.

Aluminum core paddles do tend to be less expensive than graphite ones, so if you’re on a budget and don’t mind the rubber grip – we would recommend getting aluminum core over graphite.

Does an Aluminum Core Pickleball Paddle come with a Warranty?

Yes, all of these paddles come with a warranty that guarantees you against manufacturing defects. You even have the option to add another 30 days warranty when purchasing your paddle online. If anything goes wrong within 60 days – contact us and we will replace it for free! We stand by our products 100%.

Final words:

Aluminum core paddles come with everything that a professional player needs at an affordable price – great for beginners and intermediate players.

We hope this blog was helpful in helping you decide which pickleball paddle is right for your game type. If you’re looking into buying an aluminum core pickleball paddle, make sure you read this blog post to know what to look for before purchasing one.

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