5 Best Composite Pickleball Paddles 2022 [Tested by Pros]

Pickleball paddles are a critical component of the game, but many people struggle to find the right paddle for their needs. Not only do you need to consider your skill level, but there are also different styles of pickleball that will require different types of paddles. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of our favorite composite pickleball paddles on the market today.

Why do you need Composite Pickleball Paddles?

They are ideal for anyone looking to play long-term. The composite material is very durable and will not warp or become damaged easily, which means you don’t have to worry about buying a new paddle every few months of playing.

Best Composite Pickleball Paddles of 2022

YC DGYCASI Pickleball Paddles | #1 Recommendation

YC DGYCASI Pickleball Paddle Set is designed for beginner players. This paddle has a honeycomb core instead of the traditional solid one, which reduces the weight by about 20% compared with regular paddles. This Pickleball Paddle Set comes with 2 premium lightweight honeycomb composite core paddles, 1 racket bag and 4 balls that are suitable for beginner players.

The paddles’ blades are extra-large and ultra-lightweight, making it easier to control your shots during a game. It’s also great for outdoor games because it doesn’t easily break in the wind. The edge guard is low so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged during play. With its extra-large surface, beginners can easily rally with friends or pickleball partners who are further away from the net.

In our play, we found that YC DGYCASI Pickleball Paddle Set is great for beginners and casual players who want to enjoy a game without worrying too much about the ball going out of bounds. It doesn’t easily get damaged during play and its lightweight design provides comfort even after hours of continuous play.

  • Lightweight.
  • Extra-large paddle surface.
  • Low edge guard for added protection.
  • Doesn’t provide good control and accuracy for advanced players who like to shoot accurately.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

This set of paddles is perfect for beginners since it’s lightweight and does not easily break during play. It also provides an extra-large paddle surface so beginner players can rally with practice partners who are further away from the net.

Karltion Pickleball Paddle | Best Composite Paddle

Gear up for your next pickleball tournament or just some backyard fun with this set of 2 paddles from Karltion. This equipment is made of honeycomb composite core, which is very lightweight and can improve your swing speed. Its ultra-cushion grip enables you to comfortably use it on any surface or weather conditions.

This Pickleball Paddle Set is USAPA-approved, which means that it meets the standards of professional pickleball tournaments. It has ten layers of composite fiberglass to provide excellent durability and strength for heavy usage. The paddle’s surface allows players to spin their shots with ease without exerting too much effort.

This Pickleball Paddle Set comes in a sturdy carrying case so you can bring it anywhere with ease. It also comes with 4 balls for added convenience when playing pickleball.

In our test, we found Karltion Pickleball Paddle Set to be very lightweight and comfortable to use. We usually play on cement which damages the rubber of our paddles or our pickleball so this is a great choice for us. It’s also good for outdoor play because it doesn’t easily break even in the wind, which is perfect if you want to enjoy playing pickleball at the park or somewhere with open space.

  • Lightweight.
  • Nice cushion grip for added comfort.
  • Durable materials.
  • Edges are not properly glued to the frame.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you want a set of paddles that is durable enough for heavy usage then this is an excellent choice. You can use it in outdoor pickleball games in open spaces without worrying too much about the wind since it’s also very lightweight.

Niupipo Pickleball Paddle | Affordable

NiuPipo is a famous brand that has been in the business for over 10 years. The company’s products have passed through stringent ITTF standards and are USAPA approved.

This Graphite Honeycomb Composite Core Pickleball Paddle weighs only 7 ounces due to its honeycomb composite core material. With a racket size of 10 inches, it can produce an accelerated shot speed. Its head is 90% larger than your traditional pickleball paddle and the grip has overmolding for a sure hold.

This equipment has easy to control characteristics which make it perfect for beginners or elderly players who have difficulty in bending their wrist while playing pickleball. The large sweet spot is also good for players who have fast shots.

Its surface has honeycomb technology that enhances grip, hence making it possible to play in different weather conditions without problems. The paddle is easy to control while still being lightweight so you can swing your hard-hitting pickleball game with ease.

When our testers used Niupipo Pickleball Paddle we noticed that it’s really lightweight and easy to use. When we hold the paddle, we feel like we’re holding a racket more than a paddle which is weird at first but after a while it gets so comfortable you don’t want to put it down.

  • Lightweight for more speed.
  • Comfortable cushion grip.
  • It has a large sweet spot.
  • We can use it in any weather conditions.
  • Gets scratched up quickly, but that doesn’t affect its performance.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you want a lightweight and easy-to-control paddle that can be used in all types of weather conditions, then this is a great choice. It’s good for beginners since it has perfect control and a large sweet spot needed for beginner players.

HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

The Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is a great choice of equipment for players of all levels. It’s made in the USA with the highest level materials to make it very durable and sturdy when playing outdoor pickleball games.

Our testers found this paddle really light to use, which means we can swing fast without much effort. It also has a larger sweet spot and is great for both beginning and advanced players.

This all-weather paddle can be used in various weather conditions and it’s even durable enough to use outdoors without problems. For our testers, this racket was very easy to control due to its lightweight and large surface area. You’ll never need another paddle again since the Head Radical Elite can be used in all kinds of weather conditions.

Its honeycomb core has OTC (over-the-center) technology which means it’s great for people who want to get more power out of their swings. When we use this racket, our hits feel comfortable and solid even on off-centered surfaces. It’s also very durable and strong, made with great quality materials that can be used in outdoor pickleball games.

  • Lightweight paddle for easier use.
  • Durable enough for outdoor use.
  • Larger sweet spot compared to other paddles.
  • Coated surface for a better grip.
  • Very easy to control.
  • Beginners might find it harder to use.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and easy-to-control paddle that can be used in different weather conditions, then this is the best pickleball racket for you. It’s made with great materials so it will last for years even when used outdoors or in high traffic areas.

MB RUNEST Pickleball Paddles

This lightweight racket is easy to control and can be used in different weather conditions. The honeycomb core makes it great for powerful swings and the graphite face adds more ball speed power.

Our testers found this paddle very comfortable to use so we could play a long set easily without feeling fatigued on our arms. It’s also made from high-quality materials that make it really durable and sturdy. It’s great for anyone who wants to play pickleball games outdoors or with strict courts.

While most paddles are meant for right-handed players, this one is made for left-handed people as well so both players using the set can easily use the same paddle without worrying about game balance. This racket features a honeycomb core that makes powerful hits and a graphite face for better ball speeds.

At 280 grams, this racket is not too heavy yet it gives us enough power to hit the ball better. It’s very sturdy so it won’t wear out easily even when used for longer periods of time during pickleball games.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Lightweight and easy to control.
  • Offers a larger sweet spot for more playing comfort.
  • Beginners might find it hard to use at first.

What Our Reviewer Says About This Paddle

If you’re looking for a paddle that’s very durable, lightweight, and easy to play with then this is the best pickleball paddle for you. It’s made with great materials so it will last even when used outdoors or in high-traffic areas.

Best Composite Pickleball Paddles: Buying Guide

In order to choose the best pickleball paddle for you, there are a few factors that you will need to consider. The first thing to look at is the size of your paddle. Most pickleball paddles are between six and eight inches wide, but you can also find some that are smaller or larger than this range.

Once you know what width works for you, you will need to check out different weight options. The most common weights available on pickleball paddles are between six and eight ounces, but there are also options that fall outside of this range.

Finally, you will need to consider your hand size when picking out a pickleball paddle. It is important to make sure the handle on the paddle fits in your palm well so that you can grip it comfortably without affecting your gameplay.

Composite vs Graphite: Which one is Better?

The first question that comes to mind when you are considering buying a paddle is whether to buy a composite or graphite paddle. The answer is not so simple and clear because each type of paddle has its own pros and cons. However, there are some things that must be considered such as the level of play, the frequency of playing, and most importantly, which one feels better in your hand.

Paddles are made up of different layers and you must know what to expect when buying a given type. Composite paddles are usually composed of fiberglass shafts with polypropylene (PP) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) layers. The PP layer is not as strong as the TPU but can still hold a good amount of tension. The PP is a lightweight material and a very popular choice for casual players who don’t need something too powerful or heavy.

On the other hand, you will find graphite paddles composed of carbon fiber with ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) layer. The ABS is a strong material and can withstand high tension. However, it’s heavy and tends to break when the tension is too tight because of its brittle nature. So if you are into playing competitively or for several hours, then graphite paddles will be your best choice even though it’s more expensive than composite paddles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much do pickleball paddles cost?

The price of a paddle will depend on the material and brand, but you can generally expect them to range in price from $15 to $50. Paddles made entirely out of composite materials tend to be more expensive than those with wooden cores, which is why they’re also our preferred pickleball paddle.

Is composite better for pickleball paddles?

Composite is one of the most popular materials used to make pickleball paddles because it’s durable and offers a good grip. It also tends to be more expensive than other types of construction, which means that you get what you pay for in terms of quality.

Which is better: composite or graphite pickleball paddles?

Both materials are very durable, but graphite is slightly more lightweight. Composite picks tend to be around six ounces while graphite paddles typically range in weight between five and seven ounces depending on the brand. This can make a big difference for some players when trying to hit fast shots with precision accuracy.

What is the best material for pickleball paddles?

There are a number of different materials that can be used to make pickleball paddles, but composite is our top choice. The Composite is very durable and does not warp or become damaged easily, which means you won’t have to worry about buying a new paddle every few months. In addition, it offers a great grip without being too heavy so you can move around the court quickly.

Is there any way to tell if a paddle will last?

Yes, you can look for a warranty on the paddle or any reviews from previous buyers to gauge how long it will last. A good pickleball paddle should be able to survive at least five years of regular use without breaking down significantly or losing its grip.


With a wide range of sizes, weights, and materials to choose from, finding the best pickleball paddle for your needs is easy. If you’re looking for something durable that will last through many seasons of gameplay, being able to invest in a composite pickleball paddle is definitely worth it. 

Not only are they more expensive upfront but they’re also a better investment in the long run as you won’t have to keep buying new paddles.

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