Best Pickleball Shoes For Kids [2022 Picks]

Middle-aged pickleball players will remember the days when polyester shoes were extremely popular. We only had one color choice, and they always seemed to squeak on contact with the court. But now there are so many colors and styles from which you can choose! And it’s not just adults who have a lot of options – kids can now choose their own footwear for this sport as well.

Just like adults, pickleball is a demanding sport on little feet – which makes footwear a vital part of a child’s game. Good shoes provide traction on the court as well as go easy on tender toes during those frequent falls! So today we’ll review some of the best shoes for pickleball available for kids.

Top Picks for Best Pickleball Shoes For Kids

How To Choose Kids Shoes For Pickleball?

One of the first things to consider when buying children’s pickleball shoes is their age. Even though some younger kids can be very athletic, it’s best not to play this sport until they are at least 5 or 6 years old. That way they will have many years of growth ahead of them. Children that are young tend to lack coordination and need to build strength and muscle first.

Before you buy kids’ pickleball shoes, it’s important to be able to check for proper fit. You need to make sure the footwear is not too tight around the feet; this can cause pain and blisters. But don’t go too wide either – this may result in tripping or your child slipping on the court. For the best fit, you’ll need to have your child try on the shoes.

You should also consider whether your kids are playing indoors or outdoors with their pickleball shoes. Indoor courts can be slippery, so finding tennis shoes with very good traction is recommended. Outdoor courts are harder but still require good grip – however, for this surface, you still need good traction rather than something too sticky.

When your child is on the court, they are going to be doing a lot of running around. Whether they are playing singles or doubles, there’s a lot of movement involved in this sport. You should make sure that the shoes have proper support and cushioning for their feet – especially if they are going to be playing multiple games in a day.

One of the most important considerations is comfort. Pickleball shoes for kids should not only provide good traction and support, but they should also feel great on little feet. Try them out yourself! If they don’t fit properly or lack support, your child will definitely let you know.


What shoes are best for your child will depend on their size, age, and how much pickleball they plan to play. The list above contains some of the top brands available at around $200 or less – although you can pay more if you need something especially durable or breathable. At the end of the day, your kids will be doing most of their learning on the court – so make sure they are wearing the right footwear!