What Are Legacy Singles And Doubles In Pickleball? (Beginners Guide)

What are Legacy Singles and Doubles in Pickleball? (Beginners Guide)

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Pickleball is a lot of fun. It’s a sport that can be played by anyone, no matter their age or ability level. And it has been growing in popularity over the last few years! But if you’re new to this game, then you might have some questions about what everything means and how to play. That’s why we’ve partnered with Pickleball Canada to answer all your most pressing questions about singles and doubles pickleball games!

What are legacy pickleball rules?

Legacy pickleball rules are the official rules of play for Pickleball Canada. They were voted on and accepted at their Annual General Meeting in 2018. These new doubles and singles rules help to simplify gameplay while still preserving all the great elements that make this sport so fun!

What is a legacy single? What does it mean?

In a legacy pickleball single, the serving player must bounce the ball on their side of the court before hitting it. They can’t hit the ball before it bounces. This helps to keep play fair for every player on the court, no matter their skill level or mobility issues.

What is a legacy double? What does it mean?

Now, in doubles play, there are some changes. The serving team must bounce the ball before hitting it on their side of the court. But they can hit the ball before it bounces twice! This gives players more freedom to move around and get ready for their shots while ensuring that no one has an advantage over the other.

What is a legacy drop? What does it mean?

Finally, when playing singles or doubles games, there’s no more “foot fault” rule! In traditional pickleball rules, players weren’t allowed to take steps while hitting the ball. But in Pickleball Canada’s new rules, this is encouraged. This allows players to move around the court more freely and get into better positions for their shots!

Now that you know what legacy rules are, it’s time to talk about the benefits!

Benefits of Legacy Rules:

  • First of all, these new guidelines make it easier for players at any skill level or ability to play together.
  • Allowing movement around the court means there is no longer a need for foot faults and illegal serves.
  • And allowing single bounces make games fairer for players who may not be as agile or mobile.
  • Legacy rules also help to eliminate confusion for new pickleball players and make the game more fun.
  • Finally, these rules make it easier for Pickleball Canada to run more tournaments and events.

Disadvantages of Legacy Rules:

  • The only disadvantage is that some players may need to adjust their game!

These guidelines are meant to improve the sport for everyone, so don’t be worried if you’re not used to them. With time and practice, you’ll get the hang of these new rules in no time! And your gameplay will be smoother than ever before!

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