Gear Up For Pickleball's Biggest Event: Your Guide To The 2023 Nationals

When Are Pickleball Nationals?

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The 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships will be held from November 5-12, 2023 in Farmers Branch, Texas at the Brookhaven Country Club. This event is projected to be the largest pickleball tournament in history, with a capacity for up to 4,000 amateur and professional players competing.

The National Championships will kick off with clinics and activities starting November 5th, while the tournament competition will officially begin on November 6th. This premier pickleball event is expected to draw around 25,000 attendees throughout the week.

When and Where Are the 2023 Pickleball Nationals?

The 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships will be held November 5-12 at the Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

With its central location and mild fall weather, Texas provides an ideal backdrop for the largest pickleball competition in the world. The state’s thriving pickleball community also offers plenty of volunteers eager to support the colossal event.


The Brookhaven Country Club will host the 2023 Nationals, providing a world-class facility equipped with 50 pickleball courts. An additional 326 temporary courts are being constructed onsite to accommodate the masses of players and matches.

This prestigious country club is no stranger to major tournaments, having hosted numerous national and world championships across various sports. Itsexisting infrastructure and layout lends itself well to facilitating smooth operations for the Nationals.


  • November 5-6: Registration, player check-in, opening ceremonies, clinics, & social events
  • November 7-11: Tournament play
  • November 12: Finals & medal ceremonies

Competition officially kicks off Tuesday, November 7 once the opening ceremonies conclude Monday evening. The preliminary rounds will occur during the first few days, leading up to the medal matches over the weekend.

Spectators can enjoy 10+ hours of daily play, with the schedule stretching from early morning well into the night under the lights. The final matches on Sunday are sure to draw huge crowds.

How Many Players Compete at Nationals?

The 2023 Pickleball National Championships will accommodate up to 4,000 players across all divisions. For context, the 2019 Nationals hosted around 2,800 competitors, while the 2021 event saw 3,300 players.

The number of participants has grown exponentially as pickleball’s popularity rises. The sport’s governing body, USA Pickleball, expects 2023 to shatter attendance records and set a new bar for future Nationals.

With the $65 registration fee and affordable travel costs to Texas, the tournament remains accessible to amateur pickleball enthusiasts nationwide. Top pros also prioritize Nationals in their competitive schedule.

What Are the Different Divisions and Age Groups?

The National Championships feature a wide range of divisions to ensure all ages and abilities can participate. Players register based on their skill level, age bracket, and whether they’re competing in singles or doubles.

Skill Divisions

  • Pro – Top professionals and medal winners from major competitions
  • Elite – Highly skilled amateurs who play in tournaments regularly
  • Advanced – Intermediate players with 3.0+ skill rating
  • Intermediate – Players newer to competing in 3.0 skill range
  • Novice – Beginners and recreational players under 3.0 rating

Age Groups

  • 18 & Under
  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60-69
  • 70-79
  • 80+

The pros and younger elite competitors typically enter the main draw, while others start in early consolation rounds. However, anyone can qualify for the championship brackets by winning matches.

Age groups may be combined based on registration numbers, but skill divisions remain distinct. The tournament directors aim for at least 8 teams per bracket.

What Are Some Pickleball National Championship Records?

As the premiere pickleball competition, Nationals has witnessed some astounding feats over the years. Here are a few record-breaking highlights:

  • Most National Titles: Simone Jardim holds the record with 8 golds, including 4 consecutive women’s singles wins (2007-2010).
  • Oldest Medalists: The legendary Dick Hanscom became the oldest ever gold medalist in 2017 at age 85 (mixed doubles 85+ division). In 2021, the oldest team to medal was John Matheny and Linda Shepherd, taking silver in the 80+ mixed doubles division at ages 93 and 89.
  • Youngest National Champion: Joseph Moore won the Boys 16U singles title in 2019 at just 11 years old, displaying how pickleball facilitates play across generations.
  • Most Titles in a Year: Simone Jardim amazing took home 5 gold medals in 2013, sweeping women’s singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles in the 50+ and 19+ divisions.
  • Largest Margin of Victory: At the 2016 Nationals, Serena Williams absolutely dominated the women’s pro singles final, beating her opponent 11-0, showcasing her ability to excel in any sport.
  • Most Consecutive Event Wins: No men’s doubles team has captured 3 titles in a row, demonstrating the depth of competition.

How Do You Find the Right Doubles Partner?

One of the most strategic parts of competing at Nationals is choosing your doubles partner. The search for a compatible teammate should begin months in advance. Here are tips for finding ideal partners:

  • Play regularly with potential partners at your local pickleball club. This allows you to assess play styles.
  • Discuss strengths/weaknesses openly and decide if you complement each other on the court.
  • Seek someone whose commitment level matches yours for training and competing together.
  • Make sure you agree on expectations for Nationals and division registration.
  • Consider teaming up with a partner who offsets your age to have more division options.
  • Watch for red flags like frequent last minute cancelations, drama, excuses, no shows which could suggest an unreliable teammate.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Start pairing up by early summer to allow plenty of time to practice together.

The best duos have chemistry both on and off the court. Finding someone you mesh with well can give you a competitive edge at Nationals.

What Are the Medal Events at Nationals?

Nationals crowns National Champions across a multitude of divisions and events. Here are the main medal competitions:


  • Men’s Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Singles skills divisions (pro, elite, advanced, intermediate, novice)
  • Singles age group divisions (every 5-10 years from 18&under to 80+)


  • Men’s Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
  • Doubles skills divisions (pro, elite, advanced, intermediate, novice)
  • Doubles age group divisions (every 5-10 years from 18&under to 80+)

Other Events

  • Quad Doubles (4 players per team)
  • Parent-Child Doubles
  • Grandparent-Grandchild Doubles

Winning a National Championship medal is a prestigious pickleball achievement. The pros and elite divisions garner the most attention, but all medalists experience the thrill of victory.

What Are the Awards and Prizes?

In addition to basking in national glory, Pickleball National Champions receive:

Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals – Top finishers ascend the podium for medal ceremonies after the finals.

Title of National Champion – Winners gain the coveted distinction of National Champion for the next year.

Branded Merchandise – Players receive gear like shirts and bags to commemorate their Nationals experience.

Paid Entry to Future Nationals – A perk of winning Nationals is complimentary entry to defend your title the following year.

Cash Prizes – The professional divisions award prize money, with the 2023 amounts TBD. In 2021, payouts reached $50,000.

National Ranking Points – Finish high at Nationals and earn points to improve your national standing for future seeding.

While the top prizes provide incentives, all Nationals competitors gain memorable experiences and matches.

What Should Spectators Expect?

Pickleball Nationals offers nonstop entertainment for fans, with ample viewing areas surrounding the courts. Here’s what spectators can enjoy:

  • Watch elite pickleball skills on display across hundreds of courts
  • Feel the excitement build during medal matches with announced player introductions
  • Catch daring dives, jaw-dropping gets, and blazing volleys during intense rallies
  • Witness unbelievable reflexes as players return smashes at the non-volley zone
  • See strategy and teamwork unfold as partners move in sync
  • Hear cheering, hilarious chatter and friendly banter between opponents
  • Join in electric applause after down-to-the-wire points
  • Observe respect across generations as ages collide during play
  • Feel moved by inspiring displays of athleticism by seniors
  • Support your club members, friends, or family as they compete

With so much happening simultaneously, spectators should study the schedule ahead of time and have a game plan for maximizing their viewing experience. Strolling the grounds you never know when you might catch an epic rally!

What Are Some Pickleball Nationals Fun Facts?

After 50+ years, the Pickleball National Championship has produced many fun facts and stats:

  • The first Nationals in 1972 had just 32 players competing in 3 events. Talk about grassroots beginnings!
  • Funny team names are a Nationals tradition, like “Dink Tank” “Sweet Pickles” and “No Volley Lowly.
  • There are always several husband-wife duos who enter the tournament to make Nationals a couples trip.
  • Top competitors log an astonishing 30+ hours on the courts throughout the week.
  • Players consume hundreds of pickleball tubes during the event to keep paddles grippy.
  • With portable bathrooms surrounding venues, porta-potties often become changing rooms.
  • It’s common to see broken paddles accumulating in the trash bins from all the hard smashing.
  • Volunteers are the heartbeat of Nationals, with 700+ needed to pull off the massive operation.
  • The night games under the lights create an electric atmosphere you have to experience.
  • If you don’t come home with a medal tan line, you’re doing it wrong!
  • The 2023 player registration filled up 10x faster than the 2021 tournament.
  • Medalists often cry tears of joy and hug each other in emotional post-match moments.

From quirky rituals to heartwarming displays of sportsmanship, Nationals generates lifelong memories and inspiration.

What Should You Do to Prepare for Nationals?

Competing at the Pickleball National Championships requires intensive preparation, both physically and mentally. Here are pro tips forgetting Nationals-ready:

Register early – Registration fills up fast so act quickly once registration opens.

Book accommodations – Reserve lodging near the venue ASAP before local rooms sell out.

Select your partner – Lock in your doubles partner by early summer to allow ample practice time together.

Train skills/stamina – Work intensely on conditioning, movements and strategies needed for excelling in long matches.

Simulate competition – Recreate tournament conditions during practice like playing best 2/3 matches.

Perfect equipment – Break in new paddle grips and find your ideal game ball for the venue.

Prevent injuries – Listen to your body and avoid overtraining injuries in the months prior.

Watch film – Study opponents’ styles if possible and note their weaknesses.

Envision success – Use visualization techniques to imagine executing winning shots.

Pack properly – Bring plenty of gear like hydration, nutrition, medical supplies, backups.

Review logistics – Confirm event details as schedules can shift, and know the venue layout.

With the right preparation, you’ll maximize enjoyment and performance at the high-stakes Nationals.

What’s the Future of Pickleball Nationals?

As popularity skyrockets, the scale and prestige of the Pickleball National Championship will continue evolving.

USA Pickleball plans to sustain the event’s exponential growth by securing larger venues and more sponsors. Expanded livestreaming will also broaden Nationals’ audience reach.

There’s talk of potentially moving the tournament between different major cities each year. Central hubs like Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta, or Phoenix could attract even more spectators.

No matter the location, Nationals will remain the pinnacle that all pickleball players aspire to. The world’s best will keep pursuing the title of National Champion as the fierce competition drives innovation in the sport.

If current trends persist, it’s not unfathomable for Nationals to one day rival tennis or golf championships in size and viewership. For now, all focus is on making the 2023 Nationals bigger and better than ever!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nationals

Where is the 2023 tournament located?

The 2023 Pickleball National Championships will take place at the Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch, Texas near Dallas.

When do registration and travel reservations open?

Registration opened May 1, 2023. It’s recommended travelers book flights and hotels immediately because local options fill up quickly.

What COVID precautions will be in place?

USA Pickleball will monitor the situation and follow local protocols. At a minimum, expect increased sanitation measures like hand sanitizer stations.

Can I enter more than one event?

Yes, you can enter multiple events if the schedule allows. Most players compete in singles, same-gender doubles and mixed doubles.

Is there an age minimum or maximum to compete?

There are no age restrictions. The youngest ever champion was 11 years old! Seniors in their 90s have won medals too.

Can I request certain match times if needed?

Unfortunately match scheduling is difficult to accommodate with so many participants. Plan to have flexible availability all day.

Do I need special pickleball shoes or apparel?

While typical athletic gear is fine, many serious competitors wear purpose-made pickleball apparel and shoes for maximum maneuverability.

Will concessions be available onsite?

Yes, a variety of food trucks and concession stands will be onsite so players and spectators can purchase meals and snacks.


Amid pickleball’s sensational rise, the National Championship stands out as the definitive pinnacle of prestige. As droves of newcomers discover the addicting sport, they quickly set their sights on qualifying for Nationals to experience pickleball nirvana.

The chance to face off against the world’s best players in the sport’s premiere event is an opportunity like no other. After 50 years of history and records, the 2023 Pickleball Nationals will open a new chapter as pickleball’s meteoric trajectory continues.

Whether you’re a wide-eyed rookie or seasoned pro, SAVE THE DATE for November 5-12, 2023. Get ready for the passion, drama, endurance, heartbreak, and glory that will unfold in Farmers Branch. The stories and memories made at Nationals last a lifetime. We’ll see you on the courts!


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