Best Pickleball Paddle For Big Hands

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Are you a guy with bigger sized hands? If so, finding the best pickleball paddle for big hands can be an issue. You could end up buying a ‘one-size fits all’ or ‘extra large’ paddle that just isn’t what you need.

You’re not alone, though. A lot of guys with big hands have the same problem when shopping for a pickleball paddle. Let’s take a look at some of the top paddles on the market today and help you find the best pickleball paddle for you!

Why Do Big Hand Players Need Special Pickleball Paddles?

It is important to note that most men tend to have bigger hands than women do. When you look at the statistics, there is no surprise here. It is because of this, they may experience discomfort when using pickleball paddles for big hands.

The most common problem is feeling like they are not holding onto the paddle well enough. The handle is too thin for their large hands, and the grip is weak. Other players report that they feel like the handle slips out of their hands easily.

There are other issues that bigger hand players may encounter with pickleball paddles; jammed fingers, broken fingernails, calluses, increased sting in their thumbs when hitting the ball, and wrist pain are all concerns.

How to Find the Best Pickleball Paddle for Big Hands?

If you’re looking for a pickleball paddle that is comfortable during use, it could be time to shop around for one designed specifically for guys with bigger hands. These paddles are longer, thicker, and wider than traditional pickleball paddles.

With features like these, you’ll grasp the paddle more securely in your hand. It will feel less likely to slip out during intense play. Your wrist won’t feel as much strain after long periods of use, either. You can keep playing longer with less fatigue and discomfort.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a pickleball paddle designed especially for big hand players:

1) Size Matters:

Find a paddle that is taller than traditional paddles and one that has a wider grip area. This will allow your fingers to rest comfortably at the top without feeling too cramped, giving you an easier time to maneuver the paddle and hit the ball.

2) Length and Width:

Grips that are longer in length will provide you with more leverage. The width should be thicker than traditional pickleball paddles, which can help to add extra cushion when hitting the ball.

3) Handle Thickness:

Handle thickness is important, too. You’ll want one that is slightly thicker than traditional pickleball paddles. This will provide you with more support so the paddle doesn’t feel as flimsy in your hand.

4) Surface Texture:

The textured surface on the grip also plays a key role when it comes to designing a pickleball paddle for big hands. You’ll want a grip with a pattern or texture that is soft, absorbent, and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

5) Paddle Weight:

Since you want one designed specifically for guys with bigger hands, find a pickleball paddle that has a greater weight to it. This will make the paddle feel more substantial and give you more control.

If you’re serious about playing competitive pickleball, then taking the time to look for a paddle that is best for bigger hand players can make all the difference in your game!


When it comes to finding the best pickleball paddle for big hands, there are many things you will need to consider. If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading! We really hope you found our article helpful and can now go out confidently to find your next pickleball paddle.

Good luck with your search and enjoy your game!

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