Where Can I Play Pickleball In Singapore?

Where Can I Play Pickleball In Singapore?

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Pickleball is a fast-growing sport in Singapore, offering fun, social and competitive play for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Originally invented in 1965, pickleball has seen a surge in popularity in recent years.

Singapore now has over 50 dedicated pickleball locations across the island. Here is an overview of pickleball in Singapore and a guide to the many places you can play this addictive paddle sport.

Top List of Pickleball Locations in Singapore

Beyond those already mentioned, here is a full list of over 50 places currently with courts to play pickleball in Singapore:


  • Marina Square Mall
  • People’s Association HQ


  • Yishun Sports Complex
  • Woodlands Sports Hall
  • Admiralty Sports Complex
  • Marsiling Community Club


  • Sengkang Sports Centre
  • Anchorvale Community Club
  • Punggol Vista CC


  • Bedok Sports Complex
  • Pasir Ris Sports Complex
  • Tampines Sports Complex


  • Jurong West Sports & Rec Centre
  • Boon Lay Community Club
  • Clementi Sports Hall


  • Bukit Canberra Sports Hall
  • Jurong Spring CC
  • West Coast CC

And over 30 other locations across Singapore’s HDB towns and districts! Most venues have 2-8 dedicated indoor or outdoor pickleball courts that can be booked hourly. Both ActiveSG and People’s Association (PA) manage many of the locations.

With new courts continuing to come online, it’s getting easier than ever to find somewhere to play pickleball closeby in Singapore.

A Brief History of Pickleball Singapore

Pickleball first arrived in Singapore in the 1990s, but growth was slow for the first couple decades. By 2010, there were only around 5-10 regular pickleball players on the island. However, the sport started taking off around 2015, as more Singaporeans learned about it and tried it out.

The Singapore Pickleball Association (SPA) was formed in 2018 to help promote and grow the sport. The SPA started running beginner lessons and organising social sessions to introduce more people to pickleball. They also began coordinating with venue operators like ActiveSG to open up more dedicated pickleball courts across Singapore.

Today it’s estimated there are over 1000 active pickleball players in Singapore and about 50 locations with courts. The SPA now has over 300 members and runs multiple tournaments each year. While the US still dominates in global participation, Singapore has become one of Asia’s pickleball hotspots.

Why Play Pickleball?

So what’s driving this pickleball boom? Here are some of the main benefits and attractions of pickleball:

  • Fun and fast-paced – Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong into a fast and fun game suitable for all ages. Matches move quickly with lots of volleying at the net.
  • Social and community – Pickleball tends to foster a strong sense of community. Courts are smaller so it’s easier to chat during play. Many groups and clubs organise social events.
  • Competitive – There are competitive league and tournament circuits for those who want to take it to the next level. Singapore now hosts several tournaments annually.
  • Health benefits – Running around the small court provides a good workout. Games involve bursts of activity with quick direction changes. It’s easy on joints compared to similar racquet sports.
  • Easy to learn – Pickleball has basic rules and scoring so it’s quite easy to pick up, especially for racquet sport players. The smaller court and plastic ball allow longer rallies.

Pickleball Basics

For those new to the sport, here are the basics of pickleball:

  • Played on badminton-sized court with modified tennis net
  • Played with plastic ball and oversized paddle
  • Played as singles or doubles
  • Serve must bounce before being hit
  • No volleying within 7 feet of net called “non-volley zone”
  • Points scored like ping pong instead of tennis scoring

The portability of the net system allows pickleball to be setup almost anywhere there is a flat surface. Outdoor courts use fade-resistant lines painted on asphalt or concrete. Indoor courts often use gym floors with temporary tape lines.

Basic equipment needed to play includes paddles, balls, comfortable court shoes, and athletic wear. Most venues in Singapore provide the net system, lines and balls. Paddles and other gear can be purchased at major sports retailers.

Singapore Pickleball Association

The Singapore Pickleball Association (SPA) is the national governing body for the sport in Singapore. The SPA runs beginner lessons, organizes weekly social play sessions, coordinates tournaments and does other activities to promote pickleball growth.

Some of the main offerings of the SPA include:

  • Beginner lessons – 1-2 hour small group lessons to learn basics
  • Weekly social play – Round robin play sessions at various venues
  • Tournaments – Organizes 4-5 tournaments per year across Singapore
  • Ratings – Provides player skill ratings used for matching in tournaments and games
  • Group lessons – Arranges group lessons led by certified coaches

Annual SPA membership costs $30 for adults and $15 for students. Members get discounts on lessons, tournaments and other offerings. Non-members can still participate by purchasing day passes for social play sessions.

Places to Play Pickleball in Singapore

Now that you know the basics of pickleball and its growth in Singapore, let’s look at the many locations where you can play across the island. Here are some of the main pickleball venues in Singapore and details on their facilities.

Marina Square Mall

One of the most popular outdoor pickleball venues is on the rooftop of Marina Square Mall in the Marina Bay district. This location has 8 dedicated pickleball courts with a view of the Singapore skyline.

  • 8 outdoor courts with SportsMaster surface
  • Court dimensions meet regulation pickleball size
  • Available daily from 9am-10pm
  • Court hire is $28/hr, paddle rental $7
  • Courts can be booked online in advance
  • Rooftop location provides scenic views
  • Courts rated as high-quality by players

With 8 regulation-sized courts in a central location, Marina Square Mall is a go-to option for outdoor pickleball play in Singapore. Advanced booking especially recommended on weekends.

ActiveSG Sports Village @ Jurong Town

This sports complex operated by national agency ActiveSG has 5 dedicated pickleball courts available in their indoor air-conditioned multi-purpose hall.

  • 5 indoor courts with wooden sprung floor
  • Courts have regulation dimensions with permanent lines
  • Courts available Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm, Sat/Sun 8am-10pm
  • Court hire is $7/hour for Singapore citizens
  • Courts are popular so advance booking recommended
  • Lockers, showers, drinks available onsite
  • Part of large multi-sport complex in western Singapore

As an ActiveSG location, citizens can use the courts here at affordable rates. The indoor wooden floor provides a consistent high-quality playing surface.

Sengkang Sports Centre

Located in the Sengkang neighborhood, this sports complex is another ActiveSG location with dedicated pickleball courts.

  • 4 indoor courts available
  • Cushioned vinyl flooring surface
  • Courts can be rented hourly Mon-Sun 9am-10pm
  • Rental includes equipment loan
  • Courts often available for walk-in play
  • Showers and lockers onsite

With both indoor and outdoor courts in northeast Singapore, Sengkang Sports Centre is a convenient option for residents of Punggol and Sengkang.

Bukit Canberra Sports Hall

This newer sports complex in southern Singapore managed by SportSG has several indoor pickleball courts.

  • 4 indoor courts with sprung wooden flooring
  • Courts meet regulation size and have fixed lines
  • Available daily 8:30am-10pm, walk-ins accepted
  • Rental is $5.50/hour weekdays, $7.50/hour weekends
  • Adjacent outdoor running track and field space

Located next to Bukit Canberra hiking trails, this sports hall provides good amenities for indoor pickleball. The consistent indoor court surfaces make for ideal play.

Booking Pickleball Courts in Singapore

To play at most locations in Singapore, you will need to book courts in advance online or via app. Here are some tips for booking pickleball courts:

  • ActiveSG – Book courts on the ActiveSG app or website by searching the venue. Slots book up early so reserve 1-2 weeks ahead.
  • PA Venues – Use the SG Booking app to book courts at PA community clubs. Last minute bookings are often available.
  • Private Venues – Check venue website for booking instructions. Marina Square Mall uses a private booking system.
  • Peak Times – Expect high demand on weekday evenings and weekends. Book well in advance for weekend mornings.
  • Off-Peak – More last minute court time available on weekday mornings and afternoons.

Try to book as early as possible for peak weekend hours. For ActiveSG, full payment is required at the time of booking. Private venues may allow cancellation within 24-48 hours. Walk-in play may be possible at some locations if courts are free.

Pickleball Groups, Clubs and Coaches in Singapore

Joining local pickleball groups and clubs is a great way to find regular playing partners, get instruction, and meet fellow enthusiasts. Here are some of the major groups:

Singapore Pickleball Association

As mentioned previously, the SPA is the national governing body for pickleball in Singapore. Beyond tournaments and lessons, some other SPA offerings include:

  • Weekly social play meetups at different venues
  • Skill ratings and player matching assistance
  • Quarterly member newsletter with pickleball news
  • Maintains list of certified coaches
  • Organizes intra-club leagues and ladders
  • Arranges clinics on strategy, skills and rules

Annual membership is $30 for adults, $15 for students under 25. Members get access to all SPA activities and discounts on instructional programs.

Pickleball Asia Singapore

This group offers clinics, lessons, round robins and league nights. Other activities include:

  • Social events like potluck dinners
  • Arranges regular play sessions on weekday evenings
  • Organizes trips to regional tournaments
  • Maintains Facebook group to coordinate play
  • Provides paddle demos and sales

No membership fee required. Pay per event/activity.

Pickleball Community Singapore

This community group offers weekly social play, lessons for all levels and tournament training.

  • Hosts regular skills clinics for beginners
  • Arranges private and small group instruction
  • Organizes game nights and social gatherings
  • Maintains WhatsApp group for coordinating play

No membership fee, pay per lesson/event.

Pickleball Coaches in Singapore

For those looking to accelerate their learning, taking some lessons from a certified coach can be very beneficial. Here are a few active instructors:

  • Coach Margaret – SPA certified Level 2 coach. Offers private and group lessons. Also runs Pickleball Asia Singapore.
  • Coach Kenny – Level 1 certified. Available for private instruction. Also organizes social games.
  • Coach Jordan – Level 1 certified. Teaches private and small group lessons. Established player.
  • Coach Alex – Level 1 certified. Specializes in lessons and clinics for beginners. Affordable rates.

Lessons from certified coaches generally range from $25-$50 per hour for individuals or small groups. Most coaches can provide paddles and balls if needed.

Pickleball Equipment in Singapore

While many pickleball venues provide nets, balls and some paddles, you may want to invest in your own gear. Here are some places to find top equipment:


  • OiWit Sports – Specialty pickleball shop selling paddles, balls, shoes, bags, apparel, accessories and more. Located at Kallang Wave Mall.
  • Decathlon – Carries a wide selection of paddles plus balls, shoes, nets and other gear. Multiple locations.
  • Kilometers – Sports retailer with a decent pickleball section. Often does seasonal sales on gear.


  • Lazada – Popular Southeast Asia online retailer with a growing pickleball category. Free shipping on orders over $40.
  • Shopee – Another top regional ecommerce site with many listings for pickleball equipment.
  • Carousell – Singapore’s most popular consumer-to-consumer selling platform. Lots of secondhand gear listed.


Paddles come in a variety of materials, weights, sizes and shapes. Main options:

  • Composite: Fiberglass and polypropylene mix. Lightweight but robust. For all play levels.
  • Graphite: Lighter carbon fiber and resin blend. Responsive feel. Better control. Advanced players.
  • Wood: Heavier but provides good touch. Usually cheaper. For beginners.

Expect to pay $20-30 for basic wooden paddles, $30-60 for quality composite paddles, and $70+ for high-end graphite.


Indoor and outdoor balls are made from different materials:

  • Outdoor – Plastic polymer with holes. Very durable. $2-3 per ball.
  • Indoor – Polyurethane. Softer, less bounce. $3-5 per ball.

Top brands include Onix, Gamma, Dura, and TOPP. Mix of colors available.

Pickleball Tournaments and Events in Singapore

For a sense of competition or occasion, Singapore hosts a number of recreational and pro tournaments each year. Here are some of the major events:

  • Singapore National Championships – Largest pro event of the year with over 200 players. Held annually in December.
  • Jurong Spring Open – Two-day tournament held at Jurong Spring CC. Mens, womens and mixed divisions with 150+ entrants.
  • Heartbeat@Bedok – Big regional amateur tournament held at Bedok Sports Complex. Fun social activities.
  • ACRA Cup – Held by accounting association ACRA. Charity tournament with cosplay themes.
  • NTU Pickleball Open – Annual tournament organized by university pickleball club. Mixed divisions.

There are also several club leagues run through the year. The SPA organizes weekly round robin social play at different locations which provides friendly competitive matches.

Pickleball groups like Pickleball Asia often host joint practice sessions and game nights where both newbies and experienced players can join in the fun. Special holiday clinics and bootcamps are also offered.

The vibrant pickleball community provides plenty of chances to test your skills against players of all levels at events throughout the year.

Coming Soon: New Pickleball Facilities

With booming interest in pickleball, Singapore is set to see major growth in pickleball facilities over the next 3-5 years. Some developments in the pipeline:

  • Jurong Regional Sports Centre – Massive new sports complex opening in 2024 with a dedicated indoor pickleball hall. Expected to have 8+ courts.
  • Parsis League Club – Historic sports club adding 4 outdoor pickleball courts by early 2024. Located near Newton.
  • PA Kallang Courts – People’s Association converting their 4 outdoor tennis courts at Kallang into pickleball courts. Expected completion mid-2023.
  • Heartbeat@Bedok Expansion – Sports complex adding 8 dedicated outdoor pickleball courts. To be built alongside the existing indoor courts.

Several regional sport centers operated by SportSG are also likely to add indoor pickleball courts over the next few years based on increasing demand. With major government agencies like ActiveSG and PA promoting the sport, the trajectory for pickleball growth in Singapore looks promising.

Playing Pickleball for Free in Singapore

While hourly court fees at most venues are reasonable, you can also play pickleball for free in some locations:

  • School Courts – Many primary and secondary schools allow public use of facilities on weekends. Courts may have temporary lines.
  • Community Centers – Some CCs like Pek Kio CC have outdoor courts that can be used for free on weeknights and weekends if not booked.
  • Public Spaces – Areas like park connector paths, basketball half courts, and tennis hitting walls can sometimes double as pickelball with portable nets.

While less ideal than regulation pickleball courts, these options allow you to play for free if on a tight budget. Just remember to bring your own net and lining equipment.

Conclusion: Get Out and Play Pickleball in Singapore!

Hopefully this guide has provided a comprehensive overview of the many places and ways you can now play pickleball across Singapore. From dedicated sports complexes to creative free options, there are lots of courts to meet the needs of new and experienced players alike.

With its welcoming community, fun nature and full-body workout, it’s easy to see why pickleball is one of the world’s fastest growing sports. Singapore has quickly developed into an Asian hub for this addictive paddle game.

The Singapore Pickleball Association along with commercial operators like ActiveSG have helped drive impressive growth in courts and participation over the past 5 years. The trajectory points to pickleball’s popularity continuing to expand as more locals discover the sport.

So whether you’re a tennis player looking to change it up, a badminton enthusiast searching for a new challenge, or simply an active adult seeking fun community engagement, pickleball is worth giving a try. Grab a paddle and join the growing movement today at one of Singapore’s many welcoming pickleball locations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best places to play pickleball in Singapore?

Some of the most popular pickleball locations in Singapore include Marina Square Mall, ActiveSG Sports Village @ Jurong Town, Sengkang Sports Centre, and Bukit Canberra Sports Hall. These venues have multiple indoor and outdoor courts, quality flooring, and convenient booking systems. Other top options are spread across the island at community clubs, sports complexes, and commercial venues. Singapore now has over 50 dedicated pickleball facilities.

How do I book a pickleball court in Singapore?

Most venues require booking courts online or via mobile app in advance. For ActiveSG locations, use their website or ActiveSG app. Search the venue and date then book a court. For PA facilities, use the SG Booking app. At private venues like Marina Square Mall, check their website for booking links. Try to book 1-2 weeks ahead for peak weekend hours. Walk-ins may be accepted for last minute slots on weekdays.

What is the Singapore Pickleball Association?

The Singapore Pickleball Association (SPA) is the national governing body for the sport in Singapore. The SPA promotes pickleball by organizing lessons, social play sessions, tournaments and other events. Membership is $30/year and provides discounts plus access to SPA offerings. Non-members can still participate by purchasing day passes. The SPA ranks players and provides resources to grow pickleball.

Where can I take pickleball lessons in Singapore?

The Singapore Pickleball Association offers beginner lessons as well as coaching from advanced certified instructors. Many pickleball community groups like Pickleball Asia Singapore also arrange lessons for varying skill levels. Additionally, there are several independent coaches that offer private and small group pickleball instruction. Rates range from $25-50 per hour.

What gear do I need to start playing pickleball in Singapore?

Basic pickleball equipment includes a paddle, proper shoes, comfortable clothing, and optionally your own balls. Most venues provide nets, balls and some paddle rentals. You can find quality paddles, shoes, balls and accessories at major sports shops like Decathlon or specialty stores like OiWit Sports. Expect to pay $30+ for a good starter paddle.

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