Professional Pickleball Players Facing 40% Pay Cut

Professional Pickleball Players Facing 40% Pay Cut

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Pickleball’s booming ascent hit a stumbling block as Major League Pickleball (MLP) delivered a sobering blow to its players, proposing a hefty 40% pay cut, as per CNBC’s Wednesday report.

According to the network, MLP advocated for a reduction in players’ annual workdays from 200 to 120, intending to slash their salaries proportionally. An email dispatched to the players outlined these proposed changes.

Those players consenting to the terms would secure a minimum of 10 slots at Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) events, CNBC disclosed.

The email justified the move, stating, “We have carefully studied the economics of the business and determined that certain changes need to be made to ensure a sustainable and viable business that will not only survive but thrive in 2024 and beyond for the benefit of all stakeholders.”

In a bid to fortify their financial stance, MLP also declared intentions to trim operational and event-related costs for 2024. Notably, the league severed ties with Commissioner Brooks Wiley.

Amidst this development, both MLP and the PPA Tour, erstwhile rival leagues that had proclaimed plans to merge in September, remained silent in response to Reuters’ request for comment. The silence echoed the uncertainty looming over the future landscape of professional pickleball.

The repercussions of this substantial pay cut proposal are palpable, raising questions about the sustainability of the sport’s economic model and the welfare of the athletes. As the stakeholders navigate this challenging terrain, the pickleball community watches closely, apprehensive of the ripple effects on the game’s trajectory.

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