Can You Play Pickleball In Hoka Shoes?

Can You Play Pickleball In Hoka Shoes?

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Hoka is a popular athletic shoe brand. Hoka shoes are known for their thick, cushioned soles. So can you wear Hokas to play pickleball?

The short answer is yes. However, there are a few things to consider about using Hokas for pickleball:


Good traction is important in pickleball to move quickly on the court. Hokas have decent traction on most court surfaces. But they may slip on smooth indoor floors.

Their thick soles are not as grippy as flatter court shoes. Make sure to get Hokas with durable outsoles if playing outdoors.


The best pickleball shoes have flat, stiff soles. This gives better stability for quick side-to-side movements.

Hokas have soft, cushioned midsoles. They are more flexible than typical court shoes. So they may feel less stable when changing directions fast.


The thick cushioning of Hokas does provide some benefits. Their padding absorbs shock from pounding on the court. This can reduce muscle fatigue and joint strain.

The soft midsole also gives a smooth, comfortable ride for players. So Hokas can be a good option if you need the extra cushioning.


Hokas are known as durable athletic shoes. Their thick outsoles hold up well to wear and tear. The cushioning also maintains its springiness better than thin soles.

So Hokas should be able to handle the rigors of regular pickleball play. Look for models with abrasion-resistant outsoles for the best durability.

Tips for Using Hokas for Pickleball

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Hokas for pickleball:

  • Get the Right Size – It is important to get properly fitted Hokas. The thick midsole needs a snug fit for stability. Too big or small can cause sliding inside the shoe.
  • Use Ankle Support – Consider Hokas with ankle collars or mid-cut designs. The extra support can help prevent rolling ankles from abrupt direction changes.
  • Add Insoles for Cushioning – Popping in a supportive insole can enhance stability if the Hokas feel too squishy. Insoles also allow custom orthotics.
  • Improve Traction – Swapping the original lugs for a more court-specific outsole can boost grip. Or use an overshoe with tacky rubber.
  • Select Lightweight Models – Pick Hokas with breathable mesh uppers to keep weight down. The Clifton and Bondi SR lines are more nimble.

The Best Hoka Shoes for Pickleball

Here are 5 top Hoka models that can perform well for pickleball:

1. Hoka Bondi 7

The Bondi 7 has maximum cushioning for all-day comfort. The broad base and curved sole promote smooth heel-to-toe transitions. EVA foam midsole absorbs shock. Outsole has decent grip for outdoor courts.

2. Hoka Gaviota 3

This stability shoe has a wide platform and supportive arch. J-frame adds midfoot control. Thick cushioning protects joints. Durable rubber outsole. Available for narrow or wide feet.

3. Hoka Arahi 5

Designed for mild pronators. Stable frame with reinforced midfoot. Firm heel counter for Achilles support. Thick cushioning underfoot. Outsole rubber has grippy edges.

4. Hoka Mach 4

A lightweight, flexible option with PROFLY cushioning. Low drop design with rockered sole for smooth stride. Mesh upper is breathable. Durable high-abrasion rubber outsole.

5. Hoka Clifton 8

Full-compression midsole foam absorbs shock. Wide base for balanced landings. Reinforced upper for lateral support. Rubber pods on outsole boost traction. Good for neutral strides.


Hoka running shoes can work for pickleball play thanks to their cushioning and durability. But they may lack the flat stability and grip of purpose-built court shoes. Heavier players and those needing more support may benefit most from Hokas.

Try out different Hoka models to find the right balance of cushioning and stability for your game. Focus on good outsole traction for the court surface. With the right pair, Hokas can provide comfort when you’re in a pickle on the pickleball courts!

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