10 Best Pickleball Paddle For Small Hands People in 2022

Your hand size is an important consideration when you are buying a new paddle. Some people have small hands and find it difficult to handle a large paddle. On the other hand, some people have huge hands and find it hard to control a small paddle.

Same as you want a paddle that is comfortable for you, but you don’t want to settle for something sub-par just because it’s the “right” size for your hand. It’s important to find the right size paddle for your hand, because a poorly-fitting paddle can cause injuries, like tendonitis.

Our team of expert testers has evaluated over 100 different paddles and we have identified the 10 best pickleball paddles for people with small hands. We also test for comfort and durability and we only offer paddles that pass our stringent requirements.

Buyers Guide For People with Small Hands

If you have small hands, it is up to you to decide on the size of the paddle that will be more comfortable for you. You can either go with a small or large bat, depending on your preference.

However, our testers have tested all kinds of paddles and found out that some people are perfectly satisfied with smaller-sized paddles, while others are very comfortable with larger ones.

It all depends on your preference, but our testing shows that most people shoot better when they use a smaller paddle.

Our testers found out that the best pickleball paddles for small hands measure anywhere from 6 ¼” to 7 ¼” in length, depending on the brand and model.

While larger paddles are good for wide swings, smaller ones are more suited for quick wrist-action shots. If you aim to perform better in your pickleball matches, it is recommended that you use a small paddle instead of a large one.

Smaller paddles also allow people with less hand strength to play well, because they are easier to control.

You should also consider the weight of the paddle you want to buy. Lighter paddles are great for quick wrist action, while heavier paddles give you more power. There is no right answer here, but most people find that lighter paddles suit their game better than heavy ones do.

Our testers found that the pickleball paddles for small hands that are best suited for your game weigh somewhere between 9 ounces and 14 ounces.

Once again, it all depends on your personal preference, but most people find that lighter paddles best suit their style of play.

If you plan to do a lot of net-shots in your game, then you should consider a heavy paddle that can generate more power and speed.

If you prefer quick wrist action, then a lighter paddle will be more advantageous to you.

However, make sure that you don’t go too light because it affects your control over the ball. Most of our expert testers like paddles that weigh between 9 ounces and 13 ounces.

Best Pickleball Paddle For Small Hands of 2022

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are small paddles good for defense?

Yes, they are. Smaller paddles give you more control over your shots, so it is easier to block the ball with them. If you enjoy playing defense in pickleball, then a smaller paddle will be great for you.

Do people with big hands have an advantage?

Yes, but only if they are using heavier paddles. A larger paddle will give you more power and speed, so it is easier to make offensive shots with them. Larger paddles do not let you perform some of the wrist-action shots, especially dinks.

Is there any downside for people with small hands?

While smaller paddles have some advantages too, they are not necessarily ideal for playing defense. They are harder to use in this aspect of the game because it is easier to leave openings when you’re focused on blocking your opponent’s shots.

What is the best size range for small handed pickleball players?

The best option for small-handed people are paddles with an overall length of 9 ¼ inches or lower, and an ahead surface area that is 5.5 square inches or less.


Small hands are great to have if you plan to play pickleball since smaller-sized paddles help you control the ball much better. However, they are not very useful when it comes to defense.

If you want to be good at this aspect of the game, then go with a bigger paddle that will give you more power and speed. Also, don’t forget that smaller paddles are much lighter than larger ones.

This affects your game in both pros and cons, but there is no right answer here. It all depends on your personal preference!

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