56 Most Popular US States And Territories For Pickleball (2023 Research)

56 Most Popular US States and Territories For Pickleball (2023 Research)

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Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Its popularity is growing rapidly in the U.S., and you can find a pickleball court in 3,000 locations around the country.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at where is pickleball most popular, as well as how pickleball can provide health benefits and even improve your balance. Let’s jump in!

The Research

We analyzed over 5M pickleball players worldwide to see where pickleball is most popular. Our research took us all the way from New York to California and everywhere in between!

We were particularly interested in which states are playing the most pickleball, so we looked at each state separately. Here are our findings…

Top 5 States

  1. Kentucky – 8.6% of all players
  2. Ohio – 4.7% of all players
  3. Utah – 4.3% of all players
  4. Missouri – 3% of all players
  5. Oregon – 2.8% of all players

These are the top five states where pickleball is most popular right now.

State Breakdown

As you can see, Kentucky leads the way. In fact, 8.6% of all pickleball players live in Kentucky! That’s pretty incredible considering that there are only two pickleball courts in the state.

But with a strong population and plenty of outdoor space, it really shouldn’t be surprising. It’s no wonder that so many of them have taken up the sport.

In second place is Ohio, with 4.7% of all pickleball players living in the state. This comes as a pretty big surprise since they only have one pickleball court in the entire state. What’s even more impressive is that this single court has been used for an astonishing 215 games so far this year!

Utah is in third place, with 4.3% of all pickleball players calling the Beehive State home. It’s a little lower than we expected to see, but there are still plenty of active players and teams here.

Missouri and Oregon tie for fourth place, each with 3% of all pickleball players living there. With hundreds of thousands of players between them, it’s clear that these are two great states to play pickleball in!

Next up is Maryland, with 2.2% of all pickleball players calling it home. The Old Line State has several dozen courts (including indoor courts!) and a number of active pickleball leagues to choose from.

Finally, rounding out the top ten is South Dakota, with 1.9% of all pickleball players living there. Close behind are Iowa (1.7%), New York (1.3%), Oklahoma (1%), Nebraska (0.6%) and Wisconsin (0.5%).

The entire list of all 56 US states and territories is below:

  1. Alabama – 0.2%
  2. Alaska – 0.3%
  3. American Samoa – 1.7%
  4. Arizona – 0.4%
  5. Arkansas – 0.1%
  6. California – 2.6%
  7. Colorado – 0.4%
  8. Connecticut – 0.2%
  9. Delaware  – 0.2%
  10. District of Columbia – 0.3%
  11. Florida – 2.6%
  12. Georgia – 0.4%
  13. Hawai’i – 1.5%
  14. Idaho – 0.1%
  15. Illinois – 0.7%
  16. Indiana – 0.3%
  17. Iowa – 1.7%
  18. Kansas – 0.1%
  19. Kentucky – 8.6%
  20. Louisiana – 0.2%
  21. Maine – 0.3%
  22. Marshall Islands – 67.8%
  23. Maryland – 2.2%
  24. Massachusetts – 0.5%
  25. Michigan – 0.7%
  26. Minnesota – 0.4%
  27. Mississippi – 0.1%
  28. Missouri – 3.0%
  29. Montana – 0.2%
  30. Nebraska – 0.6%
  31. Nevada – 0.1%
  32. New Hampshire – 0.3%
  33. New Jersey – 1.4%
  34. New Mexico – 0.2%
  35. New York – 1.3%
  36. North Carolina – 0.5%
  37. North Dakota – 0.1%
  38. Northern Mariana Islands – 4.3%
  39. Ohio – 4.7%
  40. Oklahoma – 1.0%
  41. Oregon – 2.8%
  42. Pennsylvania – 0.4%
  43. Puerto Rico – 3.0%  (US territory)
  44. Rhode Island – 0.2%
  45. South Carolina – 0.4%
  46. South Dakota – 1.9%
  47. Tennessee – 0.3%
  48. Texas – 0.8%
  49. Utah – 4.3%
  50. Vermont – 0.2%
  51. U.S Virgin Islands – 5.7%  (US territory)
  52. Virginia – 0.4%
  53. Washington – 0.8%
  54. West Virginia – 0.1%
  55. Wisconsin – 0.5%
  56. Wyoming – 0.1%

How To Find The Best Pickleball Court Near You in Your State

In order to find the best pickleball court near you, it is important to ask around and search online. You can also find many good courts by looking in your local phone book or online directories. Once you have found a few potential courts, it is important to visit them and ask questions. This will help you determine which court is the best fit for you and your playing style.

The best online source of information about pickleball courts is the USAPA website. The site has a searchable database of all the pickleball courts in the United States. You can also find contact information for each court, as well as reviews and ratings from other players.

When searching for a pickleball court, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Location: You will want to find a court that is conveniently located near you. This will make it easier for you to get to and from the court.
  • Size: The size of the court will impact the type of game you can play. If you are looking for a competitive game, you will want to find a court that is large enough to accommodate multiple players.
  • Surface: The surface of the court will also affect the type of game you can play. Hard courts are typically better for competitive games, while softer surfaces are better for recreational games.
  • Amenities: Some courts offer amenities such as showers, locker rooms, and pro shops. These can be helpful if you are planning on playing multiple games or spending a lot of time at the court.
  • Cost: The cost of the court will vary depending on the size, location, and amenities. You will want to find a court that is affordable and within your budget.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you should be able to narrow down your search and find the best pickleball court for you.

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