Best Pickleball Shoes For Narrow Feet [2022 Picks]

Finding a comfortable pair of shoes is one of the biggest challenges for beginner pickleball players. It’s difficult to focus on anything except your feet when you feel pain with each step as you try to learn the game.

I found it challenging as well, so I decided to research the best shoes available for people who have narrow feet. In the article below, I will discuss the best pickleball shoes for narrow feet and provide you with a buying guide. By the end of this article, you should be able to make an informed shopping decision faster.

Why A Narrow Feet Pickleball Player Needs Special Shoes?

Narrow feet shoes are extremely rare to find. Most tennis and pickleball players have wider feet, which means the market is flooded with footwear that may not be suitable for them.

Here’s why you need to buy the right shoes:

1) If your shoes don’t fit properly, it can affect your performance during pickleball play.

2) Over time, you may develop low-quality ankle and/or knee joints if your feet hurt during pickleball play.

3) Wider shoes can affect foot movement. Shoes with low arch support and limited space in the toe area (which is required for lateral movement) can make it difficult to pivot or move fast on the court while playing pickleball.

How To Choose Best Narrow Feet Pickleball Shoes?

You can’t take any shoe as a “narrow feet pickleball shoe” because the market is flooded with many different types of footwear. The best way to decide whether a particular pickleball shoe fits you or not is by trying it on and comparing it against these factors:

  • Girth
  • Arch Support
  • Width
  • Toe Room Capacity
  • Thickness Of Outsole

1) Girth:

The shoe should not be too loose or too tight around your ankles, which is the best way to protect them against injuries during pickleball play. You also need room for thicker socks in colder months if you like to wear them.

2) Arch Support:

Pickleball shoes with low arch support may not be suitable for people who have flat feet as they can lead to ankle and/or knee pains over time. If the shoe has a high arch, it may make your feet feel sore after some intense pickleball play.

3) Width: 

The width of the shoe should be enough for your foot. If the surface area is too narrow, it may affect your performance over time. Also, try to buy a pair with removable insoles if you need to cut them down to make extra room in the footwear.

4) Toe Room Capacity:

The toe room capacity of a pickleball shoe should be large enough to allow lateral movement without affecting your balance. This is a common problem with shoes from popular brands that have low toe space and high arch support.

5) Thickness Of Outsole:

Outsole thickness can affect the comfortability of a shoe over time depending on how hard you play pickleball. If the outsole is too thick, it can affect your mobility on the court while playing pickleball. I have played with Nike shoes in the past that had a super-thick outsole which made it difficult to move on some surfaces.


Finding the best pickleball shoes for narrow feet isn’t an easy task because the market is loaded with different types of footwear. My recommendation is to buy any shoe that fits your budget and provides good support around your ankles while playing pickleball.

Some people like wearing running shoes, while others prefer wearing casual athletic shoes. As long as you are comfortable wearing them before/after playing pickleball, that’s all you need to consider while shopping for the right footwear.