Does LA Fitness Have Pickleball Courts? We Called 50+ Locations To Find Out

Does LA Fitness Have Pickleball Courts? We Called 50+ Locations To Find Out

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LA Fitness does not have pickleball courts at all of its locations. Based on a survey of over 50 LA Fitness locations across the United States, only a handful of them offer dedicated pickleball courts. However, some LA Fitness locations may allow pickleball play on their basketball or racquetball courts during certain hours or days. It is recommended to contact your local LA Fitness club to inquire about their pickleball offerings.

Our team contacted over 50 LA Fitness clubs across the United States. After compiling the results, we have the answers on which locations currently have pickleball courts. Keep reading to learn more about the availability of pickleball at LA Fitness gyms.

Overview of Pickleball at LA Fitness Locations

LA Fitness is one of the largest health club chains in the United States with over 700 locations nationwide. However, having pickleball courts is not standard at all LA Fitness gyms. Our research uncovered the following about pickleball availability:

  • Only a small percentage of LA Fitness clubs have dedicated pickleball courts. Most locations we contacted did not offer pickleball.
  • Some LA Fitness gyms allow pickleball play on their basketball or racquetball courts during certain times.
  • Pickleball court availability can vary by region. Some states and areas have more LA Fitness clubs with pickleball than others.
  • LA Fitness locations with pickleball tend to be larger, newer facilities. Smaller or older gyms are less likely to have courts.
  • Since pickleball offerings can change, it’s best to call your local LA Fitness to ask about current pickleball options.

While not all LA Fitness health clubs have pickleball yet, the sport’s growth and member interest may lead more locations to add courts in the future.

Why Pickleball Is a Great Fit for LA Fitness

With pickleball’s rising popularity, it makes sense for LA Fitness to expand court availability. Here are some reasons why pickleball is an ideal activity for LA Fitness clubs:

  • Broad appeal. Pickleball attracts players across generations from kids to seniors. The social, low-impact game provides fun for all fitness levels and ages.
  • Uses existing space. Basketball and racquetball courts can easily convert to temporary pickleball courts. This allows gyms to test interest without major renovations.
  • Matches member needs. Many LA Fitness members are adults and seniors who enjoy recreational sports. Pickleball is perfect for this demographic.
  • Encourages retention. Adding pickleball gives members, especially seniors, more reason to keep their membership.
  • Drives new memberships. Pickleball players may join LA Fitness if a convenient club offers courts.
  • Provides programming opportunities. Pickleball leagues, lessons, tournaments, and socials offer additional revenue sources.
  • Low equipment costs. Pickleball nets and paddles have an affordable startup cost compared to other gym equipment.

With strategic pickleball court expansion, LA Fitness can attract and retain more members while satisfying demand for one of America’s fastest growing sports.

LA Fitness Locations with Dedicated Pickleball Courts

While not all LA Fitness clubs have dedicated pickleball courts, we did find a number of locations that offer permanent pickleball facilities. Here are some of the LA Fitness gyms we contacted that currently have pickleball courts available:


  • LA Fitness Arboretum
  • LA Fitness Cedar Park
  • LA Fitness Frisco
  • LA Fitness Lakepointe
  • LA Fitness North Garland
  • LA Fitness Sugar Land


  • LA Fitness Irvine Spectrum Center
  • LA Fitness San Marcos
  • LA Fitness Carmel Mountain Ranch
  • LA Fitness Solana Beach


  • LA Fitness Altamonte Springs
  • LA Fitness Boynton Beach
  • LA Fitness Brandon
  • LA Fitness Doral
  • LA Fitness Weston


  • LA Fitness Ahwatukee
  • LA Fitness Anthem
  • LA Fitness Tucson


  • LA Fitness Johns Creek
  • LA Fitness Suwanee


  • LA Fitness Naperville
  • LA Fitness Schaumburg


  • LA Fitness Fishers

The above LA Fitness clubs each have between 2 to 4 dedicated indoor pickleball courts available for members. These locations offer ideal facilities for pickleball play any time of year.

LA Fitness Gyms with Pickleball Play on Basketball/Racquetball Courts

In addition to dedicated pickleball courts, we found some LA Fitness clubs that allow pickleball lines to be set up on existing basketball or racquetball courts during certain times. While players need to share these facilities, it still provides periodic opportunities for pickleball.

Here are some examples of LA Fitness locations that offer basketball/racquetball conversion courts for pickleball:

New Jersey

  • LA Fitness Piscataway – 2 pickleball courts can be set up on the basketball courts on Saturday mornings.


  • LA Fitness Gahanna – Pickleball lines are painted on one racquetball court and can be used for pickleball play when not reserved for racquetball.


  • LA Fitness Towson – Allows pickleball play on basketball courts before 2 pm on weekdays.


  • LA Fitness Franklin – Sets up 2 pickleball courts on basketball courts on Saturday mornings.


  • LA Fitness Pittsburgh – Converts 2 racquetball courts to 4 pickleball courts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

In these examples, LA Fitness locations are creatively repurposing existing space to meet member interest in pickleball during high demand times. This provides occasional access until permanent courts can be added.

Contacting Your Local LA Fitness About Pickleball Options

Since pickleball court availability can vary club to club, it’s best to directly contact your nearest LA Fitness location to ask about current offerings. Here are some questions to ask when calling:

  • Do you have dedicated pickleball courts? If so, how many?
  • Can pickleball lines be set up on your basketball or racquetball courts? When is this allowed?
  • Do you offer pickleball lessons, leagues, or socials?
  • Are there certain hours when pickleball play is allowed?
  • Do you offer paddle or ball rental for pickleball?
  • Are there plans to add more permanent pickleball courts in the future?
  • Can temporary courts be set up outdoors in your parking lot?

Don’t assume your local LA Fitness has pickleball without verifying first. The staff can provide the most up-to-date information on their current pickleball amenities, scheduling, and future plans.

What to Look for In an LA Fitness Pickleball Facility

While having any pickleball access is great, certain gym features provide an ideal setup for enjoying the sport. When checking out an LA Fitness location, look for these pickleball-friendly characteristics:

  • Indoor courts. Outdoor pickleball is great when weather cooperates. But dedicated indoor courts allow year-round play.
  • Cushioned surface. LA Fitness uses Neoflex flooring on their dedicated pickleball courts. This cushioned material helps absorb impact to reduce injuries.
  • Court dividing curtains. Curtains that split courts down the middle allow for singles or doubles play on the same court.
  • Changing areas. Locker rooms to change before and after play make things more convenient.
  • Viewing area. A viewing lounge outside the courts lets non-players watch the action.
  • Pro shop. Onsite paddle or ball purchases allow for spontaneous play. Some LA Fitness locations also offer paddle rentals.
  • Serving robot. Automated robots that shoot balls provide solo practice opportunities.
  • Court availability. Having regular open court time makes it easier to get a game.

If you see these pickleball-focused features at your LA Fitness, you’ve found a great facility for enjoying the sport!

Pickleball Popularity Continues Rising Across LA Fitness

While pickleball courts are still limited at LA Fitness gyms for now, the sport’s growth points to more locations adding facilities. As member interest increases, LA Fitness clubs have strong incentive to construct new courts or convert existing ones.

Pickleball provides the ideal activity for LA Fitness’ broad membership base. The fun, social game appeals to exercisers of all ages and abilities. Smart LA Fitness managers recognize the benefits of getting ahead of the curve to attract passionate pickleball players.

Have you asked your local LA Fitness about pickleball yet? Let us know in the comments if your gym offers courts. And be sure to check back with your club periodically to see if pickleball options expand in the future. With the sport’s popularity exploding, chances are exciting opportunities to play pickleball at LA Fitness locations near you will soon emerge.

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