Pickleball Bangers: What Are They And How You Can Defeat Them?

Pickleball Bangers: What are They and How You Can Defeat Them?

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Pickleball bangers are a type of player that you will typically see at all levels, from beginner to advanced. They don’t seem too aware of how pickleball is played and often make the mistake of not following any rules or guidelines for playing this sport. In fact, they might even know less than you do! Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can beat them in your next match.

If you’re not familiar with pickleball, each player is allowed to serve up to eight times per side of the net. If there is no score on any given point, then it’s determined by who serves overhand from behind the baseline closest to the net. The server must hit a ball that bounces once on their side of the court, and then again before it crosses over to the opponent’s half of the court.

What Are Pickleball Bangers? 

The pickleball banger is typically someone who doesn’t follow these rules because they think there are none.

They will stand well behind the baseline when serving, which is not allowed. They are also likely to miss hitting the ball twice before crossing over, which can cost you points if they win an ace!

How To Defeat Bangers and Win The Match?

Let’s look at how these rules apply in a match to beat this pickleball banger:

If it’s your turn to serve, but their shot is out of reach for your side, it’s important to remember that you have the right to hit a ball off of their side (if one is available). This forces them back behind the baseline and out of position.

If they are then too far away from the net when serving, your strategy should be to play close to your end line – making sure not to go over it. Let them serve so that they can’t get to the net and you’ll force a weak shot out of their reach again!

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If this happens enough times, eventually they will miss hitting the ball twice before crossing into your half of the court – or just give up altogether because no one wants to play with someone who doesn’t follow the rules.

If they are serving from the wrong side of the court, remember to hit off their side before crossing over. This will give you a powerful position and force them back behind their baseline again!

You can also use this strategy if your opponent is playing too close to the net for that shot – try hitting it into their end line instead. They will have to either hit it back from behind the baseline or else miss hitting it twice before crossing over.

Remember, if you want to win a pickleball match against bangers – make sure you follow all of these rules as well! As long as they are busy playing by themselves and missing shots everywhere on the court, then you will be sure to win with ease.

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What are the 5 key strategies to help you in becoming a better pickleball player?

  1. Follow all rules of the game, including hitting the ball twice before crossing over to their side.
  2. Play close to your end line if they are playing too far forward. This will force them back behind their baseline so you can win easy points.
  3. Hit off their side more often than not – this forces them out of position and unable to reach the net.
  4. Make sure you are always aware of where they are on the court so that you can hit it back before crossing over into their half – if necessary.
  5. If all else fails, just remember that bangers will eventually miss hitting shots or serve out of turn and lose points by default. You win either way when this happens.
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