Major Investment: $1.5M Boosts Tennis And Pickleball Facilities In City

Major Investment: $1.5M Boosts Tennis and Pickleball Facilities in City

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WINDSOR, ON – The city of Windsor announced today an investment of $1.52 million to build new public tennis and pickleball courts at three city parks. The new courts aim to encourage healthy recreation and make racket sports more accessible.

The city expects construction on the 12 new pickleball courts and three tennis courts to finish by the end of 2023. The new facilities at A.K.O., Remington, and Mic Mac parks will provide high-quality courts open to all residents regardless of age or skill level.

“We want to give people high-quality facilities to enjoy tennis, pickleball, and other activities in their free time,” said John Doe, Recreation Director for Windsor. “Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles and make it easier for everyone to get involved in lifelong sports.”

Pickleball, which combines aspects of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, has surged in popularity across North America in recent years. Windsor’s new pickleball courts will give fans dedicated spaces to play matches. The game’s social nature and gentle learning curve open it up to all ages.

Tennis continues to have an enthusiastic following as well. The new tennis courts create more opportunities for friends and families to play. The city schedules programming and lessons at the courts to build interest and skills.

Resident Jane Smith said she’s excited to have new pickleball courts in her neighborhood. “I just started playing pickleball this summer,” Smith said. “It’s addictive – so much fun. I can’t wait to have more chances to play with my friends.”

John Andrews, a local tennis fan, is pleased the city is supporting his lifelong hobby. “I learned to play tennis as a kid at the public courts,” Andrews said. “I hope the new courts inspire more young people to pick up the sport.”

The city said promoting active recreation provides physical and mental health benefits. The new tennis and pickleball facilities aim to make exercise accessible and build community around shared interests. Officials hope to see courts filled with smiling faces by next summer.

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