This Small Town Transformed Its Parks And Forever Changed The Game For Pickleball

This Small Town Transformed Its Parks and Forever Changed the Game for Pickleball

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Williamson, W.Va. – In a heartwarming tribute to the late Scott Poole, the Williamson Parks and Recreation Commission unveiled its latest gem – the Scott Poole Memorial Pickleball Courts. Nestled in the scenic Don Zapplin Park, also affectionately known as the “Z Park” in West Williamson, these three pickleball courts have taken the community by storm.

The inauguration of these courts signifies the completion of Phase III of the Williamson Parks and Recreation Master Plan, a testament to what can be achieved through unity and perseverance. Phase IV promises to bring even more excitement with plans for a green space in the former public pool area, a performance stage, and a proposed splash pad.

Members Of The Williamson Parks And Recreation Commission, Along With Financial Contributors And Local Community Leaders, Cut The Ribbon For The Park System’s New Pickleball Courts. The New Facility Was Dedicated To The Memory Of The Late Scott Poole.
Appalachian newspapers photo by terry l. May

Pickleball, often described as a low-impact version of tennis, has been gaining immense popularity, not just across the nation but internationally as well. With the creation of these three courts, the Parks and Recreation Commission is gearing up to host thrilling tournaments, adding a competitive edge to the sport.

Kim Akers, introduced as the Parks Commission pickleball ambassador, emphasized the inclusivity of the game, highlighting that pickleball can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and health conditions. “I have played with a 95-year-old man and a 9-year-old boy,” she shared, “It is a sport that is all-inclusive.”

In a touching tribute, the courts have been named after the late Scott Poole, a former Parks and Recreation Commission board member whose vision and dedication left an indelible mark on the community. The Poole family, George and Pat Poole, played a pivotal role in supporting the renovation project, ensuring that Scott’s memory lives on.

A slew of community leaders, including representatives from the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, the Tug Valley Area CVB, and the Williamson City Council, joined the celebration. Chris Dotson, Chamber President, expressed excitement over the park’s renovations and their role in fostering community growth and diversification.

Ashley Hatfield, CVB Executive Director, highlighted the growing trend of sports tourism, emphasizing the importance of sports development in the region. “Pickleball courts like these contribute to community growth,” Hatfield remarked, appreciating the Parks and Recreation Commission’s tireless efforts.

The ceremony concluded with a poignant message from Jarrod Dean, the Parks and Recreation Executive Director, who read a children’s book entitled “What Do You Do With an Idea?” The book’s final line beautifully encapsulated the spirit of the event, reminding everyone that ideas have the power to change the world.

As the Scott Poole Memorial Pickleball Courts open their gates, they promise to be a game-changer, bringing together people of all backgrounds and ages, just as Scott Poole would have wished.

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