Over 350 Players To Compete In Ultimate Pickleball Championship

Over 350 Players to Compete in Ultimate Pickleball Championship

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New Delhi, India – The fast-paced sport of pickleball is set to take center stage as over 350 athletes across India have registered for the first-ever Ultimate Pickleball Championship. Organized by Pro World Talent Sports in collaboration with the All India Pickleball Association, the highly anticipated tournament will be held in Mumbai from September 29th to October 1st, 2023.

With teams hailing from diverse countries including China, Singapore, Nepal, Dubai, Tanzania, the United States and more, the championship is elevated to a truly global platform. In a remarkable achievement, the tournament has been designated as a prestigious Tier 3 World Ranking tournament by the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP). This paves the way for participating players to accumulate pivotal points to boost their international rankings and standings in the sport.

“Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports around the world, and the phenomenal number of registrations we’ve received for the inaugural edition underscores the meteoric rise of pickleball in India,” commented Siddharth Hazare, CEO of tournament organizer Pro World Talent Sports. “The Ultimate Pickleball Championship aims to catalyze interest in the sport and provide players an opportunity to take on formidable international competitors.”

The tournament boasts an impressive lineup of top-seeded Indian players, including highly ranked names such as Aditya Rohilla, Tejas Mahajan, Himansh, Vanshik, Kuldeep and Sonu Kumar. Leading the women’s contingent are renowned players like Snehal Patil, Isha Lakhani, Urvi Abhyankar and Anuja Maheshwari.

With the apt tagline ‘Where Champions Compete’, the championship features 6 diverse categories tailored to varying age groups and skill levels. Men’s and women’s competitions will be held across Under 16, Under 19, 35 Plus, 50 Plus, 60 Plus and Open categories.

In a touching gesture, organizers have also incorporated a special team event paying tribute to the late Arjun Kothiya, a beloved figure in the Indian pickleball community. This commemorative event underscores the tight-knit nature of the pickleball fraternity and their commitment to honoring the sport’s heritage.

“Our aim is to proliferate the sport across India and the Ultimate Pickleball Tournament will be instrumental in promoting it nationally,” stated Arvind Prabhoo, President of the All-India Pickleball Association and the International Pickleball Federation. “As a third-tier world ranking competition, we’ve seen tremendous interest from global federations. This will undoubtedly be a milestone event to spur the growth of pickleball in India.”

Originating in the Pacific Northwest United States in the 1960s, pickleball is a fast-paced racket sport blending elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Played on a badminton-sized court with a lowered net, pickleball can be enjoyed as singles or doubles with a perforated plastic ball and paddle. Thanks to its easy learning curve and minimal equipment requirements, pickleball has exploded into one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

The inaugural Ultimate Pickleball Championship promises to be an electrifying showcase of athleticism, sportsmanship and competitiveness. As popularity for the sport mushrooms in India, platforms like this tournament will be pivotal to thrust pickleball into the mainstream sports consciousness. The future looks bright for pickleball as this fledgling sport continues to gain momentum and carve out its niche in the Indian sporting arena.

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