Keswick Hall And Dr. Scholl's Collaborate On Pickleball Footwear

New Pickleball-Ready Shoes by Keswick Hall and Dr. Scholl’s

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Get ready for more power smashes, soft dinks, and sweet pickles! Pickleball, one of America’s fastest growing sports, has just “dinked” its way into the footwear game.

Keswick Hall, a luxury resort nestled in the lush countryside of Charlottesville, Virginia, has teamed up with iconic footwear brand Dr. Scholl’s to create the ultimate pickleball shoe – the “Dink It” sneaker. And this new kicks aims to be a real difference maker for players!

“We wanted to develop something that would give pickleball athletes an edge on the court,” said Keswick Hall’s Director of Fun and Games, Chip Shotz. “The Dink It delivers the quickness and stability that pickleball demands – it’s a real game changer!”

So what makes this sneaker such a smash hit? The Dink It features a lightweight yet flexible upper designed for nimble movement. The supportive midsole offers next-level stability for those tricky dink shots near the net. And the durable outsole means superb traction whether you’re playing indoors or out.

But the real ace up its laces is the shock-absorbing heel. All that quick start-stop motion in pickleball can put pressure on joints, so that cushioning is clutch. Now you can leap for balls without causing a pickle!

Available for both men and women, the Dink It will have you looking like a pro for just $120. Truly a volley good value.

So why did Dr. Scholl’s decide to dip into the pickleball footwear game? Well, pickleball’s popularity has absolutely exploded in recent years!

The paddle sport, which combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis, has surged to nearly 5 million U.S. players as of 2021 – up a whopping 39% from just two years prior. It’s especially beloved by boomers looking to stay active in their golden years.

Played on a badminton-sized court with a modified tennis net, pickleball is an addictively fun game for all ages. The rules are easy to pick up, but mastering those strategic dinks and smashes takes skill. Not to mention quick reflexes to react to that holey plastic ball!

With the rapid rise of pickleball, specialized gear is certainly in order. But the Dink It is the first sneaker designed purely for optimal pickleball performance.

“We see a real opportunity here to become the official footwear of pickleball,” said Dr. Scholl’s CEO Stacy Soulcalibur. “Our hope is these shoes will help advance the sport even further.”

So what’s fueling this pickleball craze? Well, the social nature makes it appeal to everyone from grandmas to grade schoolers. Plus it’s a killer calorie-burning workout. But most importantly, it’s just an absolute blast!

As more and more players discover the joys of pickleball, interest in specialized gear will likely rise too. So the Dink It sneaker may be just the first of many innovations to come.

In fact, some predict pickleball could eventually rival tennis in mainstream popularity. So there’s certainly a big opportunity here for athletic brands to succeed.

For now, the Dink It sneaker gives new and avid players alike a competitively-priced way to up their pickleball game. Just don’t forget those signature dill-speckled balls!

So whether you’re an amateur pickler or aspiring pro, this sneaker is sure to be a difference maker. Lace up and get ready to smash, dink and volley your way to pickleball glory!

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