APP Sunmed Atlanta Open To Bring Top Pickleball Players To Spalding County

Pickleball Pros to Converge on Spalding County for APP Sunmed Atlanta Open

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The world’s fastest growing sport is coming back to Spalding County, Georgia this fall. Pickleball, the paddle sport that has exploded in popularity in recent years, will once again take center stage from September 27 to October 1 for the APP SunMed Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament. This massive event is expected to draw over 1,000 amateur and professional competitors from around the globe, making it one of the largest pickleball tournaments on the planet.

With its meteoric rise and broad appeal, it’s no surprise pickleball is creating such an epic sporting spectacle right here in Spalding County. Just what is it about pickleball that makes it so addictive? As someone who has never played before, I’m fascinated by pickleball’s ability to attract such a diverse and devoted following. It seems like the perfect activity for anyone looking to get moving, build community and have fun regardless of age or ability.

The tournament venue, Wyomia Tyus Olympic Park, offers a purpose-built complex featuring 24 dedicated pickleball courts. This state-of-the-art facility provides the ideal backdrop for both amateurs looking to learn the game and the pros showcasing their paddle skills. Spectators are sure to be wowed by the athleticism, precision shots and competitive spirit on display.

Competitors at the APP SunMed Atlanta Open will be battling it out in singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches during the five day competition. As if the main tournament wasn’t exciting enough, there will also be a pro-am event on Saturday where amateur players team up with the professionals.

For those who love pickleball, this tournament is the equivalent of getting front row seats for the Wimbledon finals! Even newcomers to the sport will be blown away by the infectious energy and community centered around pickleball.

Registration is open to all levels, so don’t be intimidated about signing up as a beginner. The reasonable registration fees also help make this event accessible. Just $125 for singles, $175 for doubles and $225 for mixed doubles means anyone can get a taste of tournament play.

Of course with over 1,000 participants expected, the APP SunMed Atlanta Open is about more than just competition. It’s a chance for people from all walks of life who share a common passion for pickleball to come together. Friendly games, plenty of food options onsite, vendor booths, and other activities promote a fun, festival atmosphere.

The camaraderie and connections made off the courts are as memorable as the match results. Pickleball’s welcoming vibe, ease of learning and ability to be enjoyed by all ages makes this sport such a hit. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the excitement surrounding what’s been dubbed “tennis on steroids!”

Whether you’re a competitor, spectator or just plain curious about America’s fastest growing sport, be sure to catch some of the action at this year’s APP SunMed Atlanta Open Pickleball Tournament. As the best players around rally in Spalding County, I have a feeling this infectious sport will continue spreading across Georgia and beyond. The 2022 event was record-breaking with over 1,000 entrants, so 2023 is sure to be even bigger and better.

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