Protest Mounts Against SF Pickleball Courts

SF Pickleball Courts Face Backlash

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The sounds of pickleball have stirred up quite the controversy in San Francisco’s upscale Presidio Heights neighborhood. While the sport has exploded in popularity across the city and the country, some residents are not fans of the “pock-pock” noise coming from nearby public pickleball courts.

Tensions escalated recently when a resident started an online petition titled “Halt Pickleball Play on Presidio Wall Courts for Proper Environmental Impact Assessment.” The petition complained about the “constant noise” from the courts located behind the Presidio Wall, describing it as “incessant and intensely disruptive” to the neighborhood. However, the petition appears to have been removed by the creator after it began circulating among players.

Lucas Ho, a pickleball enthusiast who frequents the Presidio Wall courts, was surprised to hear about the petition. “I don’t think the noise travels too far. It’s pretty self-contained since the courts are nestled below the neighborhood homes,” Ho explained. “The sounds are only noticeable during certain times of day when people are playing.”

Zane Roshe, another dedicated player, agreed the noise concerns seem overblown. “With pickleball’s growing popularity, courts are opening up all over San Francisco to make the sport more accessible,” he said. “I think it’s great for the community!”

However, some longtime Presidio Heights residents argue the courts have become a true nuisance ever since pickleball replaced tennis at the location. “The sounds really echo off the walls and through the neighborhood. It’s incredibly frustrating,” shared one neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous.

The San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department acknowledged neighbors’ complaints and confirmed plans to add more pickleball courts throughout the city. “We aim to work with all parties to find reasonable compromises that allow local recreation while addressing noise concerns,” a department spokesperson stated.

For now, the Presidio Wall courts remain a popular pickleball destination, often crowded with players. Neighbors above complain the “pock-pock” echoes loudly, while fans of the trendy sport maintain the noise is minimal and should not cause major disruption. As pickleball continues gaining speed, the city searches for ways to meet demand while keeping the peace between warring factions.


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