Meet The Talented Siblings Taking The Pickleball World By Storm

Meet the Talented Siblings Taking the Pickleball World by Storm

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Pickleball Kingdom, a front-runner in indoor pickleball experiences, has struck a notable deal with Monya Mitchell and Tim Hall, III. This brother-sister duo is diving into a 5-club venture, planning their establishments across Phoenix, Tucson, Orlando, and Denver. Their entry marks a strategic expansion in pickleball’s footprint.

These siblings aren’t just opening clubs; they’re creating community hubs. Pickleball Kingdom’s ethos is all about quality, community, and engagement. Monya and Tim’s vision aligns perfectly with this. They’re not just expanding a brand; they’re cultivating a pickleball-loving community.

Monya Mitchell &Amp; Tim Hall
Monya mitchell & tim hall

Rob Streett, COO of Pickleball Kingdom, highlights the partnership’s significance. It’s not just about brand growth; it’s about showcasing pickleball’s unifying power. Monya and Tim, as new members of the Kingdom family, are ideal ambassadors to propel the sport forward.

This deal is a big leap for Pickleball Kingdom’s vision of popularizing the sport nationwide. Monya sees this partnership as a crucial step in nurturing the pickleball community. Her excitement about embarking on this journey with her brother Tim and husband Erik is palpable.

Tim Hall emphasizes their belief in the sport’s potential to connect people, promote fitness, and spread joy. With their dedication, these new facilities in their territories are set to be top-notch.

Ace Rodrigues, CEO of Pickleball Kingdom, sees the partnership with Monya and Tim as a perfect fit. The brand values family and community, and this duo embodies those virtues perfectly. It’s a strategic step towards establishing a Kingdom in every major US city.

Monya Mitchell’s background is impressive, with over 20 years in leadership roles across various industries. Her customer-first philosophy is a driving force in her approach. She’s joining this venture with Erik Mitchell, bringing a powerhouse of experience and vision.

Tim Hall, III, has a diverse career spanning telecom, hospitality, retail, and insurance. His faith and values-driven approach make him an ideal partner in this venture. He and his partners are committed to giving back to their communities and supported causes.

Pickleball Kingdom is on a mission to create a world where pickleball is not just a sport but a cherished community activity. Through exceptional facilities and a focus on community, they aim to enhance the pickleball experience for players at every level.

For more information about franchising with Pickleball Kingdom or to learn more about their vision and facilities, contact Rob Streett at (888)788-0999 or visit

This story highlights not just the growth of a sport but the birth of a community. Monya Mitchell and Tim Hall, III, are at the forefront of this exciting development, bringing their passion, experience, and vision to the burgeoning world of pickleball. Their journey, intertwined with Pickleball Kingdom’s mission, is set to make waves in the sports and community sectors alike.

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