'The Golden Bachelor': April Speaks Out After Faking A Pickleball Injury (Exclusive)

‘The Golden Bachelor’: April Speaks Out After Faking a Pickleball Injury (Exclusive)

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April Kirkwood opens up about her unconventional quest for love

April Kirkwood, the 65-year-old therapist who made a bold move on Gerry Turner’s season of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ is breaking her silence about her eye-catching strategy. In an exclusive interview with ET’s Denny Directo, April reveals her behind-the-scenes antics and the unexpected consequences that followed.

A Girl’s Unexpected Tactic

“A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do,” April quipped. As the competition for Gerry’s heart intensified, April decided to take matters into her own hands. She hatched a plan to gain an advantage and secure some extra time with Gerry during a group pickleball date. And what did she do? She faked an injury, collapsing dramatically on the pickleball court.

The Golden Bachelor April Speaks Out After Faking A Pickleball Injury Exclusive

A Risky Move

April’s theatrical performance certainly caught Gerry’s attention, but she risked it all. The other women remained unaware of her ploy, and it’s safe to say that April left her mark on that date. However, her plan backfired when the fake injury turned into a real one after leaving the show.

The truth is I did hurt my ankle when I got home, so now I go to the chiropractor, and he yanks it back in,” she admitted. It seems that her daring move had unintended consequences.

The Struggle of Open Dating

Going after a man who was openly dating other women proved to be a challenge for April. She expressed her discomfort with the situation, highlighting the difficulty of seeing someone she was interested in, openly pursue others right in front of her.

“I know men have dated behind my back. I know men have cheated. I’m not naive. But they didn’t do it in front of me,” she said. “This was weird and when I heard all of these stories going on, I did pull back. I regret that with Gerry. I did pull back because I thought, ‘I don’t want to chase someone who doesn’t want me.’ It wasn’t comfortable for me. It wasn’t a behavior I was used to.”

Taking Sides in the Drama

In the midst of the drama on ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ April found herself taking sides in a feud between Kathy, a retired educational consultant, and Theresa, who was openly sharing personal details about her time with Gerry.

“I know Kathy’s background, and I’m good friends and she’s part of my group, and I roomed with her, so I saw her at some very vulnerable moments,” April said. “so I have to say I’m leaning towards Kathy.”

Despite leaning towards Kathy, April made predictions about Gerry’s potential final choice. She listed Theresa, Leslie, and Ellen as contenders for Gerry’s heart.

The Healing Power of Love

Although April didn’t find love on ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ she’s grateful for the experience. After the passing of her beloved Ralph, she was at a loss and didn’t know where life would take her. However, the encouragement of friends led her to take a leap of faith and join the show.

“The truth is, I had lost Ralph, the love of my life. He was the man I hated to love and loved to hate and he passed away. I didn’t know what to do,” April shared. “My friends from all walks of life, people that I thought didn’t even like me, they were sending me applications. I never watched The Bachelor, didn’t know anything about it. After about the ninth application, I filled one in and destiny took over and here I am. Now I am a Bachelor Nation groupie. I love it! I’m all about it.”

The experience on the show brought about a remarkable transformation in April. She felt a sense of healing and rejuvenation that had been missing from her life.

“I have gotten such healing from this experience. When you go into things and a door opens, I have that philosophy at my age that I’m gonna go through everything, no more fear,” she said. “I didn’t know what to expect… I got such a healing. I went back to being, like, 19.”

“It’s like going through a really intensive therapy session,” April added. She noted that most of the women, including herself, had lost touch with their true selves, but the show provided an opportunity to rediscover their identities and passions.

A Rebirth

April is now embracing life with renewed vigor and a “ready for anything” attitude. She’s determined to face the world head-on.

“I can go out and do anything,” she declared, showing her resilient spirit. She even hinted at the possibility of starring in a future season as the first ‘Golden Bachelorette.’

“I am exercising. I am getting my body ready. I am getting the kitchen area ready, OK?” she teased. “I’m gonna flirt with these guys so much! I want to have them at each other’s throat. I’m gonna go, ‘Show me what you’re about, boys.'”

April’s journey on ‘The Golden Bachelor’ might not have led her to love, but it certainly provided her with an unforgettable adventure and a newfound lease on life. As she looks forward to what the future holds, her resilience and spirit shine as a testament to the power of taking chances in the name of love.

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