Pickleball Surges Ahead Of Tennis In Popularity, Apple Study Finds

Pickleball Surges Ahead of Tennis in Popularity, Apple Study Finds

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Cupertino, CA – In a groundbreaking revelation, Apple’s latest study has shown that pickleball has outshone tennis in popularity during the month of July this year. The tech giant has shared the results of extensive research conducted by its team, collecting data from 250,000 anonymous exercises tracked by smartwatches.

The Rise of Pickleball

Apple’s research has revealed a significant rise in the adoption of pickleball exercises, a remarkable achievement that places it ahead of traditional tennis. This is the first time pickleball has surpassed tennis in terms of popularity. The data indicates that pickleball exercises, on average, lasted slightly longer than their tennis counterparts.

While pickleball workouts showed longer durations, tennis enthusiasts exhibited a higher average peak heart rate. Tennis participants also spent more time, on average, in the higher-intensity heart rate zones. This intriguing contrast suggests that both sports offer unique benefits for individuals seeking physical activity.

Collaboration with Renowned Institutions

The research was conducted as part of the Apple Heart and Movement Study, a collaboration between Apple, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. USA Pickleball’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike Nealy, expressed his satisfaction with the results and the collaboration:

“We are pleased to see pickleball-related findings included in the Apple Heart and Movement Study, in collaboration with Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the American Heart Association. There are numerous benefits for individuals of all ages and backgrounds on the pickleball courts as part of a healthy, social, and active lifestyle.”

He further emphasized the significance of this research for pickleball as the national governing body in the United States. Nealy noted that the sport’s low-impact, informal, and social nature provides a useful and enjoyable outlet for those looking to increase their physical activity.

Gender and Age Trends

The study also uncovered interesting gender and age trends. Both pickleball and tennis were found to be more popular among men than women. The average age of pickleball players who completed at least ten exercises was 51, compared to 45 for traditional racket sports enthusiasts.

The Utah Connection

Utah stood out as a pickleball hotbed, boasting the highest number of pickleball players per capita. The data showed that every 16th participant in the state had experienced the paddle sport at least once in their life.

Spencer J Cox, the Governor of Utah, expressed his delight at the findings:

“It’s awesome that so many Utahns are grabbing the opportunity pickleball offers to incorporate activity into their days, and this research is a great reminder that exercise of any kind is a powerful way to improve our health.”

Changing Seasons and Player Crossovers

The study also suggested that pickleball players exhibited more consistency in their workout logins on Apple’s smartwatches, while tennis workouts saw seasonal variations. In recent times, tennis has witnessed several of its top players, including Jack Sock, Sam Querrey, and Eugenie Bouchard, making the transition to pickleball.

This groundbreaking research by Apple provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of racket sports, highlighting the growing popularity of pickleball and its unique appeal. The study not only underscores the importance of physical activity but also showcases the potential of wearable technology in understanding sports trends.

As pickleball continues to capture the hearts of sports enthusiasts, it’s clear that the momentum behind this sport is unstoppable. With its low-impact, social, and inclusive nature, pickleball is set to remain a significant player in the world of sports and fitness.

Disclaimer: The study was conducted by Apple and reflects data collected from its smartwatches. The results may not be indicative of the overall global popularity of pickleball and tennis.

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