Argos Community Park Welcomes New Pickleball Courts With Grand Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Argos Community Park Welcomes New Pickleball Courts with Grand Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

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In a significant boost for sports in Argos, Indiana, the town’s Community Park is set to inaugurate new pickleball courts. The grand opening, scheduled for Wednesday at 5 p.m., marks a key moment for America’s rapidly growing sport.

Located on the north side of the park, just east of the splash pad, these courts offer a fresh venue for pickleball players and fans. Post-ceremony, the courts will host open play sessions, inviting everyone to experience the game.

Positioned at 560 W. Walnut St., Argos Community Park continues to be a pivotal sports hub. This addition not only caters to current sports trends but also enhances community engagement and fitness.

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