Pickleball Player Michelle Pfeiffer Gets Black Eye On Court

Pickleball Player Michelle Pfeiffer Gets Black Eye On Court

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Michelle Pfeiffer, renowned for her roles in ‘Scarface,’ recently issued a cautionary tale to her Instagram followers, showcasing an unsightly black eye obtained during a pickleball mishap. The actress, aged 65, utilized a series of photos to underscore the perils associated with the sport.

Michelle Pfeiffer Held A Large Bag Of Ice To Her Eye After Being Injured During A Pickleball Game. Michelle Pfeiffer Instagram

In a stark, makeup-free portrayal, Pfeiffer donned braids and a hat while tending to her injured eye with a formidable bag of ice cubes, right on the pickleball court. Another snapshot depicted her right eye visibly swollen, and a final image revealed the complete bruising of her right eyelid when closed.

The actress took to her caption, sounding a warning to pickleball enthusiasts: “WARNING – Pickleball-Stay out of the kitchen!! Thank you, Less!” The term “kitchen” references the no-volley zone on either side of the net, a restricted area for players.

Numerous celebrities reacted to the jarring visuals in the comments section, with Julianne Moore expressing her hesitancy to partake in the sport, and Alec Baldwin humorously suggesting a conflict between playing pickleball and selling beauty products.

Michelle Pfeiffer Showed Off Her Injury From Pickleball. Michelle Pfeiffer Instagram

Pfeiffer, resilient in the face of her injury, maintained her characteristic humor, asserting that she still smelled good. Responding to concerns from well-wishing followers, she assured them that the injury was “nothing serious.”

In the midst of the celebrity reactions, Pfeiffer’s sister, Dedee, highlighted the actress’s determination, noting that despite the injury, she continued playing. Pfeiffer affirmed this with a simple, “That’s right.”

As the Instagram post circulated, fans and followers wished Pfeiffer a speedy recovery, expressing sympathy and encouragement. The “Scarface” actress’s representative has yet to respond to inquiries about the incident.

Michelle Pfeiffers Eyelid Was Bruised After The Injury. Michelle Pfeiffer Instagram

Pickleball enthusiasts and fans alike are left contemplating the unexpected hazards of the sport, as even a Hollywood icon like Michelle Pfeiffer finds herself nursing a black eye as a testament to the unpredictability that can unfold on the pickleball court.

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