Presidio Wall Pickleball: Unmasking San Francisco's Hypocrisy

San Francisco’s Pickleball Hypocrisy: Presidio Wall Debate

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Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, but it’s become a source of contention in some local areas with discussions about when and where to play the game.

A video of a pickleball court in San Francisco, which went viral on social media as a result of an online petition, has sparked a controversy.

Arjun Purohit, who lives near the Wall court, testified that the noise from the plastic ball is bothering his neighbours.

“The banging is just terrible. Bang bang to your head,” said someone who didn’t give their name.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a woman who lives nearby this court â and who also happens to be the wife of a tech executive and investor â is circulating an online petition, requesting that the city close the 12 new pickleball courts at the Presidio Wall until the city can conduct an environmental assessment.

She asserted in the petition that the noise is affecting home values, the environment, and the residents’ way of life.

But she’s getting a lot of backlash online, and on social media after it was discovered she has a pickleball court of her own in her $36 million mansion.

Pickleballers in the community said it was hypocritical for her to shut down the municipal courts, while allowing her own private ones.

Everyone involved in attempting to find common ground fails to reach an agreement.

“Look at how many people are out there playing,” said Helene de Baubingy, who lives in the neighborhood.

She added: “I can understand the noise factor. Let’s just try to work on innovation. We’re so good at that here, right?”

The following are some pickleball covers that have been created to help minimize that pocking noise.

Tamara Aparton, a San Francisco Recreation and Parks spokeswoman, stated that achieving a compromise would be ideal.

“These neighbourhood conflicts are as old as public recreation itself,” she said.

The city announced on Friday that it is constructing new pickleball courts in San Francisco, which should reduce crowding at existing courts.

In the case of Presidio Wall, she said the park and rec department is working with neighbors “and the pickleball community to find appropriate compromises.”

As of our most recent check, the petition to rename the Gill’s Peak women’s rest area, which had been circulating, was removed from the website.


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