New Pickleball Courts Set To Transform Tumbleweed Park In Chandler

New Pickleball Courts Set to Transform Tumbleweed Park in Chandler

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CHANDLER, Ariz. – In an exciting development for sports enthusiasts in Chandler, the City Council has given the green light to a professional services agreement with Dig Studio for the design of brand-new pickleball courts at Tumbleweed Park. The allocated budget for this project stands at an impressive $282,226, highlighting the city’s commitment to enhancing recreational facilities for its residents.

New Pickleball Courts Set To Transform Tumbleweed Park In Chandler

Filling the Gap: Chandler’s Pickleball Court Expansion

Since 2018, Chandler has been proactive in constructing 10 pickleball courts across various parks. Despite these additions, a study revealed a shortfall in meeting the national standard for pickleball courts, pegged at one court per 12,000 people. To bridge this gap, the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan, sanctioned by the City Council in August 2021, outlined the need for further facilities.

A Grand Vision: 18 State-of-the-Art Pickleball Courts

The upcoming project promises not only to meet but exceed the national standard. The ambitious plan entails the construction of a cutting-edge pickleball facility housing a total of 18 courts. This expansion aligns with the city’s vision to cater to the existing population and prepare for future growth. The funding for this project has been duly approved as part of the 2024-2033 Capital Improvement Program, emphasizing its significance in the city’s long-term planning.

Beyond the Courts: A Comprehensive Recreational Hub

The envisioned facility goes beyond just pickleball courts. In addition to the 18 courts, the project may incorporate various amenities such as lighted pickleball courts, shade ramadas, restrooms, practice areas, and lush landscaping. Moreover, thoughtful additions like lighting, drinking fountains, and ample parking will ensure a holistic recreational experience for the residents.

Community Engagement at Its Core

Ensuring that the community’s voice is heard, the city actively sought input from its residents. A dedicated pickleball focus group, comprised of Chandler residents, played a pivotal role in shaping the initial conceptual plan for the courts. Furthermore, a public meeting held on August 15, 2023, served as a platform for residents to express their views on the design. The overwhelming support received from the community underscores the enthusiasm for this project.

A Detailed Approach: Design Services and Beyond

The agreement with Dig Studio encompasses a wide array of services essential for the successful execution of the project. From landscape and architecture to civil, mechanical, electrical, and geotechnical engineering, every aspect has been meticulously planned. The scope also includes surveying, data collection, utility coordination, schematic plans, design development plans, construction documents, technical specifications, permit submissions, cost estimates, and comprehensive public outreach initiatives.

Looking Ahead: What to Expect

As the project gears up, Chandler residents can anticipate a state-of-the-art recreational facility that not only meets but exceeds national standards. With the design phase in full swing, the city is on track to transform Tumbleweed Park into a vibrant hub for pickleball enthusiasts and families alike. The project’s progress can be tracked through Chandler’s official website, providing residents with updates and relevant information.

For more details and updates on this exciting venture, residents are encouraged to visit the Chandler recreation website. Additionally, the Chandler City Council’s next meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 6. The proceedings will be aired live and accessible for viewing on the Chandler Channel (Cable Channel 11) and via online streaming on the City of Chandler video platform. Official meeting results and minutes can also be accessed through the city’s meetings and agendas page.

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