Madison Township's EPIC Move To Bring Pickleball Courts To Veterans Park! Are You Ready To Smash It?

Madison Township’s EPIC Move to Bring Pickleball Courts to Veterans Park! Are You Ready to Smash It?

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Madison Township is about to serve up some sizzling action for pickleball fanatics! Get ready for a game-changing transformation at Veterans Park, 1747 Hubbard Road. In an electrifying decision, trustees have given the green light to create not one but TWO pickleball courts right there in the heart of the park!

The township has sealed the deal with the masterminds at Innovative Sports Surfacing of Mentor, investing a whopping $18,000 to resurface, construct, and gear up these fantastic courts. And here’s the twist – these pickleball courts are replacing what used to be a skate park, scrapped back in 2014 due to relentless vandalism. Trustee Kenneth Gauntner Jr. is keeping a close watch, fearing history might repeat itself, but he’s playing his ace card – SECURITY CAMERAS!

That’s right, folks! Gauntner, along with Trustees Peter Wayman and Max Anderson Jr., made a unanimous decision on October 24th to give pickleball a home at Veterans Park. But Gauntner wasn’t just serving aces; he demanded security cameras to keep troublemakers at bay. Administrator Tim Brown’s on it, with plans to discuss this game-changer at the trustee board meeting on November 14th. Will it be a slam dunk for security?

Doug Ferguson, former Kiwanis Club of Madison president, was the driving force behind this pickleball dream. He pitched the idea back in March, citing pickleball as the fastest-growing sport in America. He thought the former skate park area was the perfect match, and trustees agreed. Brown did his homework, scouting quotes from various specialists, and on October 24th, the dream became a reality with the contract approval.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! Madison Kiwanis is stoked to see their dream coming to life. They’ve even budgeted a cool $2,500 to support the construction of these epic pickleball courts. Ferguson, still a Kiwanis member, is thrilled to see his vision coming true and believes in the power of pickleball to bring the community together.

Get your paddles ready, Madison Township! The pickleball revolution is just around the corner at Veterans Park, and with security cameras in play, who knows what thrilling rallies await on these new courts?

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