Pro Pickleball Prospects Shine At Hertz Gold Cup; Ivan Lendl Joins The Action

Pro Pickleball Prospects Shine at Hertz Gold Cup; Ivan Lendl Joins the Action

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HOLLY HILL – The pickleball world turns its eyes to Holly Hill for the Hertz Gold Cup at Pictona. Over 1,000 players, including top seeds Ben Johns and Anna Leigh Waters, are set to dazzle. These paddle prodigies dominate all forms of the game – singles, doubles, mixed. Their partnership in mixed doubles? Nearly invincible.

Waters, a 16-year-old powerhouse from Boynton Beach, teams up with Canadian Catherine Parenteau in women’s doubles. Johns pairs with brother Collin in men’s. Both Johns and Waters compete across all categories, showcasing their versatile skills.

A twist in the tale – tennis legend Ivan Lendl steps onto the pickleball court. Post an impressive show at the Conviva Open, Lendl joins the Men’s Senior Open. Not alone in this crossover, he’s joined by former tennis pros Mikael Pernfors and Tommy Ho.

The event isn’t just a pro showcase. Amateurs of all levels bring their A-game, swelling the ranks to nearly 1,100 players. The 49-court complex ensures non-stop action, with tickets available daily or for the entire week. For more details, check out

This isn’t just a tournament; it’s a testament to pickleball’s rising status in the sports world. With legends crossing over and young talent rising, the Hertz Gold Cup is a pickleball paradise.

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