What is Ejection in Pickleball?

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Ejection in pickleball means a player is removed from the tournament for breaking the rules. Ejection is the most serious penalty in pickleball. It happens when a player does something very wrong during a match.

Why Do Players Get Ejected in Pickleball?

Players can get ejected from a pickleball tournament for different reasons. Here are some examples of things that could cause a player to be ejected:

Severe Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct means acting in a way that is against the spirit of the game. Severe unsportsmanlike conduct is when a player does something very bad or inappropriate. Here are some examples:

  • Shouting hurtful or inappropriate things at an opponent, partner, referee or spectator
  • Threatening harm to someone
  • Purposely hitting the ball dangerously at someone
  • Damaging court equipment on purpose

Players who do these types of things may get ejected because their behavior is very poor and against the rules.

Extreme Abuse of the Ball or Paddle

Players are not allowed to abuse the ball or their paddle during a match. Abusing equipment means hitting or throwing it violently in frustration. Examples include:

  • Hitting the ball hard out of anger after the point is over
  • Slamming the paddle forcefully on the ground
  • Throwing the paddle in frustration

If a player abuses equipment severely, they may get ejected for very poor behavior.

Repeated Rules Violations

Sometimes players get warnings or penalties for small rule breaks. For example, cursing or arriving late to a match.

If a player keeps breaking rules after being warned, they may eventually get ejected. The referee decides when enough is enough. Repeated bad behavior or violations can lead to ejection.

Very Bad Language and Curses

Swearing and curse words are not allowed in pickleball. Players who use excessive foul language or curses may get ejected, especially if directed at others.

Other Severe Misconduct

The referee and tournament director can eject a player for any other severe misconduct. If a player does something very inappropriate or harmful, they may get ejected, even if it’s not listed as an official rule.

What Happens When a Player is Ejected in Pickleball?

Getting ejected from a pickleball tournament is serious. Here is what happens next:

1. The Player Must Leave the Tournament

When a referee decides to eject a player, that player is done playing in the tournament. They must leave the tournament area immediately.

An ejected player is not allowed to keep playing current or future matches in that tournament. They cannot stay and watch or participate in any way.

2. The Ejected Player’s Team Forfeits the Current Match

In doubles pickleball, if one player on a team gets ejected, that team forfeits the match. The ejected player’s partner cannot continue playing without them.

The non-offending team gets the win. This is because the misconduct of one player unfairly ends the match.

3. Possible Suspension from Future Tournaments

In addition to leaving the current tournament, an ejected player may be suspended from playing in future tournaments.

The tournament director decides if more punishment is needed after the ejection. They may ban the player for a period of time or a certain number of tournaments.

4. Forfeit Entry Fees and Prizes

Ejected players forfeit any entry fees and prizes they may have won at the tournament. They don’t get refunds for entry fees. They also must return any prizes or medals won before being ejected.

This consequence is due to not finishing the tournament properly. Poor behavior should not be rewarded.

Who Can Eject Players in Pickleball?

Specific people have the power to eject players from a pickleball tournament:

Tournament Director

The tournament director oversees the entire event. They have the authority to eject a player for misconduct, especially if very severe. They may consult referees first in some cases.

Head Referee

The head referee can eject players for poor behavior based on their own judgment. As head official, they are in charge of matches and enforcing conduct.


Official referees supervising matches can eject players for violations during that match. They have power to penalize misconduct they witness firsthand.

Players Cannot Eject Others

Individual players cannot eject someone else. Even if their opponent is behaving poorly, only the referees and director can officially eject them. Players must report issues to officials.

Consequences of Ejection Outside the Tournament

Besides exiting the current tournament, ejected pickleball players may face additional discipline. Possible long-term effects include:

Banned from Local Pickleball Groups

Local pickleball clubs and leagues may ban ejected players from participating. They want to maintain positive play environments.

Suspension from Sanctioned Play

Governing bodies like the USA Pickleball Association may suspend players from sanctioned tournaments for 6-12 months.

Probation Period

Ejected players may be placed on a probation period. Further issues during probation could lead to permanent banning.

Permanent Ban

In extreme cases, players could be permanently banned from local and pro tournaments. This depends on the severity of their misconduct.

Reputation Damage

Word often spreads in the pickleball community about player ejections. A bad reputation could exclude players from events.

Being ejected from a pickleball tournament causes many negative effects for a player. It can impact their ability to compete in the future.

How Can Players Avoid Ejection in Pickleball?

Players should be on their best behavior to avoid ejection and play fair:

  • Stay calm – Don’t act in anger or frustration. Take a deep breath when feeling upset.
  • Speak politely – No insulting or inappropriate talk toward others during play.
  • Follow the rules – Don’t intentionally break rules, even small ones.
  • Respect equipment – Don’t hit or throw gear in anger.
  • Apologize for mistakes – If you violate rules unintentionally, apologize.
  • Talk to referees – If an opponent is behaving poorly, report it to officials for them to handle.
  • Accept judgment calls – Don’t argue calls. Referees’ decisions are final.
  • Keep perspective – It’s just a game. Ejection is never worth spoiling that.

By being respectful of others and the sport, players can avoid ejection and removal from play. Pickleball should be friendly and fun!

What is Ejection in Pickleball?

In summary, ejection in pickleball refers to removing a player from a tournament for severe misconduct or rule violations. Referees and tournament directors can eject players who behave inappropriately.

When a player gets ejected, they must exit the tournament immediately and may face suspension from future events. Ejection also results in match forfeits and lost prizes for that tournament.

To avoid ejection, players should act calmly, speak politely, follow rules, and be gracious competitors. Understanding ejection guidelines helps ensure pickleball remains an enjoyable experience for all.

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